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well,another work week has come and gone for me.nothing new,other than the newest person who works at my library,has given her notice.she got a much better position with benies and retirement.i really clicked with her,so will be sorry to see her go.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Sorry to hear that.

I think a huge part of liking a job is that you also enjoy the company of the people that you work with. I still get together regularly with a group of friends, and I consider each one a friend, that I worked with 25 years ago.

The pay was pitiful, the hours were long and the customers were wonderful and some rude. But we all worked hard and looked out for one another.

Hope the next person that is hired will be a keeper.

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@sherrikayYou do the same Woman Happy

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Same here, but no work. Another week has gone by with zero doctor visits. Next week will be a least 2. Depending on my conditions, they may order a procedure or 2.

Take 'em as they come.

Enjoy your weekend @sherrikay 😁

hckynut 🇺🇸

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@sherrikayand everyone,

Skiing Happy Saturday, Have A Nice Weekend

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Have always liked the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years, probably because of the short weeks and holiday pay. I no longer work but I remember that dreaded feeling of going back to work in January knowing the next paid holiday wouldn't be until the end of May.

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I managed people most of my life. Your attitude of "it is what it is" sounds healthy.

I always ask about pay and benefits. If they aren't much, people will always come and go. It's the nature of the beast of low wages and no/lousy benefits.

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@sherrikayYes that stinks...My husband and I have worked together all of our married life - no employees. Oh how I always wanted some work friends.

I do have a couple of long time friends but I always wanted to expand that base....sometimes ya just need new conversation and different experiences with people.

At 67 years old, (me) finding people that you click with is difficult.

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My DH and I ran our office together for 30 years and I know how it is when someone you really like and get along with leaves for another opportunity. I never really made "friends" in my situation being the boss's wife and all but there were a few I did keep in touch with somewhat for awhile after we sold the practice. They have since pretty much gone their own ways and that's okay, I still have DH, which is my best friend anyway Smiley Happy

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@LindaSalI agree, but I do need girl friends...and currently one friend is giving me great angst, and I am not sure why.

My social life revolves around these three friends and we generally do most things together....the three women are all related, so sometimes I feel like the odd man out.