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I'm watching "In the Kitchen with David" and I'd love to order some chocolate....however, the temperature here is 80 degrees in Northern Va.


That chocolate would melt like crazy.  Now I did check further in the week and the temperatures will be going down to the 60's but as a life-long resident of Va I can tell you the weather person will try but ..... come on...the only way to know this weather is to go stand out in it.  


I love this weather.

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 Am enjoying the weather , however I have many bulbs that I need to plant but it is to warm to do so . Hope they keep in my cool basement for another week or so.

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I'm in the metro-DC area and am not enjoying this warm least not as warm as today, and what is forecast for tomorrow.  (Upper 70s).  Today it's been 77 and very gray and humid (it rained this morning).  I have a bunch of fans going upstairs so I don't have to turn on my AC.  It's going to cool down beginning Tuesday.  More November-ish, I believe.

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I can't say that I'm enjoying this heat of the last few days.  And it's muggy too.  Yuck.  I've had to put my air conditioner back on, something I don't think I've ever done in November before.  

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I used to have terrible allergies (cats, mold, you name it).  


However, I got allergy shots for 15 years.  I'm such a ding dong I'd probably still be getting them except I remember a wonderful nurse (as she was shooting up my arm) said, "Why?  Why are you still doing this?  You need to think that if they don't work by now....well...??"


She was right.  I stopped them.  But every time I go to the allergist he does the tests and (you guessed it) up popps all of the same stuff.,


There is no way I'm going through that again.  I'm just too old now.  


I have a cat named Bill.  He's amazing!  I just got finished burrying my face in his belly fur and not one sneeze or runny eyes....not one!


I do get crazy headaches but that's from the terrible fall I had.  I have special medicine for those and ....right now...still works

I just went to shut the door going out to the screened back porch and  it's raining.


Rain is good fior allergues this time of year.  It's the mold on the leaves that fall that drives some people crazy.


I remember raking huge amounts of leaves and blowing out black.  Trick for that?  Put a tiny bit of Neosporin at bottom of your nose so you can breathe in the bacteria causing stuff,  It can also help with some sore throats.


Anyway, ladies, I have to say, "Thirty lashes with a wet noodle to me and I'm sorry....your posts make sense."

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It was 77 in my part of MA. Gorgeous wedding the last few days and it will  continue into tomorrow.  

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@chrystaltree wrote:

It was 77 in my part of MA. Gorgeous wedding the last few days and it will  continue into tomorrow.  


@chrystaltree  reading "gorgeous wedding" I thought you and your DH renewed your wedding vowes but reading the entire sentence, I realized you meant "weather".

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@Annabellethecat66 ,:how are you.  Like you, we are enjoying warm temperatures here in Nova Scotia.  I spent this morning mulching leaves wearing a tshirt and shorts.  DH had the chainsaw going to take down a dead birch before the storm which arrives tonight.  It is the remnants of Nicole hitting us here on the east Coast of Canada.  We are in for some rain and some wind.


I am hoping it cools down soon.  Some locals have new blooms on their rhodos which is not a good sign.  Probably means they won't bloom in Spring.  

I am happy that you can enjoy your cat with no allergy reactions!  LM