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@nyc1   Just hearing about your back tooth made the hair stand up on the back of my neck!!!  So sorry you had to go through that.


My dentist promised I'd be through with all this and have "my tooth" by July 20th (my birthday). There's a steak and lobster dinner coming my way and I want to be able to rip into that plate of deliciousness. It's the most famous steak house in the area here and in business since 1962. I used to be taken there when my grandparents came down from NY....lots of memories.


Thank you for your post. Smiley Happy

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@Shanus   I was lucky to have a great oral surgeon and felt nothing.  I just got an injection and did not want to be put out, like some.  No problem.  It was just time consuming and EXPENSIVE....   but,  I wanted a tooth back there to replace my old one!!!   You will enjoy your steak......   and some wonderful memories of your grandparents.  xoxo