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Re: upcoming Bixby

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What is with the posting and poufing?! I read about merchandise and pics on another forum and run over here to see what's up, and WOW, gone? How can someone even continue to post these things if they are to be poufed? Is the Q just trying to tease us? Terrible? Continue Reading


Re: Finally....a white crisp shirt - thank you Linea!.....

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Hello all! The crisp white shirt is my holy grail! So hard to find, especially for a plus size who wants some tailoring and tushy coverage! (The things that pass for "tunics" in this world never cease to amaze me.) In any case, I stumbled on A218335 because I plug in a search for "white shirt" from time to time. Even though item page features purple, the shirt comes in white. If you're an XL/1X like me, it looks like those sizes are missing, but if you're smaller you might be in luck. Warning, you can kind of see through the white shirt, but it still works. And pockets? Divine! Continue Reading


Re: Have you ever not bought a piece of jewelry and for years after... STILL THINK ABOUT IT?

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On 2/2/2014 Debbie1426 said: On 2/1/2014 florey said: About 20 years ago In a jewelry store in Paris I saw a pair of small gold earrings which were shaped like graceful hands, holding a tiny diamond between the index finger and thumb. That probably sounds hideous but the were really very beautiful. I went so far as trying them on and have afforded it but couldn't justify it. The kids were young and I felt like it was an extravagance. I don't remember how much they were but maybe around $1000. I still think of them whenever I shop for jewelry. Florey, what about these on rubylane? click Wow! ... Continue Reading


Re: Bixby - Thank Goodness

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On 2/2/2014 blueskies said: I also wish BB was on more often . She's such a fab designer . Unique designs & true to herself . Each piece is a tiny exquisite treasure ! Just purchased the Quan Lin enhancer for an early BDay & Valentines gift from DH :) Its been awhile since last purchase , but enjoy my older pieces . Wearing her MOP crescent moon enhancer on a triplet black leather cord , from years ago . Enjoy your purchases, everyone . Most times I just love to watch the shows & listen to the explanations of designs and/or symbolic meanings . Very interesting . This is so beautif... Continue Reading


Re: question about back in the day?

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nicely said, phoenix…the sentiment I hoped to capture. I enjoy "playing with" my jewelry the way JR recommends too. finding new combinations, sighing over the beauty. Continue Reading


Re: Barbara Bixby 7pm PST show

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You are amazing! Thanks! Continue Reading


question about back in the day?

Last Reply by Debbie1426 1391386610.073 | Started by Mirren in Jewelry Talk

Looking at the TSV, Does anyone remember that wonderful pearl convertible necklace JR did years ago shortly after she started at the Q? The pieces screwed in rather than clipped on. She then had an amethyst piece you could add, and - maybe some other stone…I always wished she would have brought a suite of extenders in other stone combos. Remember when she did carnelian and black pearls and hematite, etc. I think I saw some of her trademark green agate, but what I saw wasn't as pretty as a green agate necklace she did - way back when - before her foray into Diamonique. I have been a JR ... Continue Reading


Re: Bixby styling advice - feedback, please :-)

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Thanks so much for your responses mskringle and sunshine45. ms, I know what you mean about "matchy matchy!" *sigh* my goal is to have an arm full of BB lovely round bangles. I know a love of hosts and designers say "oval bangles follow the wrist better," but I LOVE a round bangle. And I love Ms. Bixby's designs. I was "bad" this go 'round because of ezPay, but I don't buy nearly the amount of Q jewelry as I used to, so I let myself go! Continue Reading


Bixby styling advice - feedback, please :-)

Last Reply by Mirren 1391385381.08 | Started by Mirren in Jewelry Talk

I have J268351 Bixby gemstone bangle and it's pink sister and want to mix in J28100 Bixby gemstone flower bangle, but wonder if it would look weird with the others because of their heavy stone presence. If you have these and mix, what do you think? Thanks! Continue Reading


Bixby styling input request - feedback, please :-)

Started by Mirren in Jewelry Talk 1391371047.97

I have J268351 Bixby gemstone bangle and it's pink sister I want to mix in J281004 Bixby gemstone flower banglebut wonder if it would look weird with the others because of their heavy stone presence. If you have these and mix, what do you think? Thanks! Continue Reading

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