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Re: Where Did B. Mak Go?

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I doubt Kathy felt dissed at all, since she made far more money than his line did. Google their homes if you feel sorry for him or her net worth. Continue Reading


Re: Jill's S'mores Cobbler Recipe?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1409191727.817

Sounds awful. I'd prefer a good peach cobbler. Continue Reading


Re: Rachel Ray Bubble & Brown and cracking

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They had her dish at Ross last year, but decided to pass. Also sell at Kohl's. Continue Reading


Re: Snacks you can't put down

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peanut butter filled pretzel bites green olives Continue Reading


Re: Marie Osmond Gone?

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I don't know, but she was on The View today & looks great. Sure wish I had bought her Olive doll when it was a TSV years ago. It's worth a bunch now. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone ever have a good experience with on-line dating, like OurTime.com?

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Not a chance I'd date anyone from an online site. Continue Reading


Re: Last night on the Fashion Police show

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Kelly wears the most hideous hair & clothing, I don't respect her view of fashion at all, but then look who her mommy & daddy are. Continue Reading


Re: Dogs on Restaurant Patios Approved By Gov. Brown

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On 8/27/2014 kachina624 said: Not in a restaurant, but this morning I went to Walmart and there was a woman with an about 4 mo old golden retriever puppy lying quietly in her grocery cart. I sure wouldn't want to put my food in that cart after a dog had been in it. I'm sure it's probably illegal to bring a dog to a grocery store. I used to work at Walmart for two years part time & anyone can bring a dog in. Employees aren't even allowed to ask if it's a service dog. Employees actually take a CBL (training) on this. The exception if it's unruly you can get a manager & ask that the d... Continue Reading


Re: Dogs on Restaurant Patios Approved By Gov. Brown

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In Flagstaff there are many outside cafe's in old downtown that allow dogs. In fact the cafe's set out water bowls for them. It doesn't bother me at all and I've never seen any but service dogs inside other eating places. Continue Reading

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