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Re: Pilot Locked out of Cockpit on Fatal Flight....

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What good are two crew members in the cockpit unless both are able to fly the plane. Continue Reading


Re: Any ideas for left over Roast Beef?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1427420881.553

My mom always made hash with leftover roast beef. Continue Reading


Re: WP rice cooker

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1427420729.937

I bought two and have made just about everything in it but rice. Quiche is my favorite and found lots of recipes on Pinterest. I now eat at home more often and use it for both lunch and dinner. Perfect size for one and I usually have a salad with whatever I make. I've also lost 10 pounds because of portion conrol. Continue Reading


Re: OMG I just noticed HSN now carries that Henrietta egg cooker, remember it?

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I've had the Henrietta for years, probably 10. Mine chirps so that's not new. The best egg cooker imo. Continue Reading


Re: Dan W. gets called out for!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1427419372.47

Jill can be very rude, and has been called out before. IMO she should have addressed him about it in private. She could have avoided the dish, she doesn't need the calories. Continue Reading


Re: Nashville - anyone watching tonight?

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I don't think any are good enough to have a singing career of their own. I do like Scarlett & Hayden though. Continue Reading


Re: Venting....The Q Customer and Host

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Many viewers are lonely, on the computer all day and consider a host a friend. They don't care about the product. Continue Reading


Re: Yaaaay! Lisa Mason WILL Be Back on QVC!!!

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She probably needs the money if hubby can't work. Continue Reading

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