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Re: Lisa Robertson's Exit

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Not especially sad she's leaving but she must have had a huge offer considering the salary she's giving up and all the traveling perks she get. Good wishes, bye. Continue Reading


Re: Death Can Wait

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They reported on this last week when she was here for a Grand Canyon visit with her family. She looked pretty well, enjoyed the visit and it was reported that she has the medication to end her life when she wishes. With that in hand I believe she will continue to enjoy her remaining days until she feels she no longer can continue & will say her goodbyes, as it should be. Continue Reading


Re: ot/ what does your family do for thanksgiving?

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We always had a big family dinner, but now I have moved to another state. I usually have dinner with my daughter & grandkids about 2:00, then we head off for black Friday shopping. Continue Reading


Re: Antiques?

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On 10/30/2014 Skylands said: Antiques are considered "antiques" when they R 100 years old. Everything else, vintage with little value. Simply not true. Continue Reading


Re: Wedding Gift Etiquette

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The registry is for the shower or the wedding. Continue Reading


Re: Arias retrial update

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I think the mystery witness was Alyce LaViolette. Continue Reading


Re: GAME 7 Giants v. Royals 10-29-14

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Good game! California doesn't disappoint!!!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: The Voice -Knockout Rounds 10/27 --spoilers

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On 10/27/2014 croemer said: Watching. Does Gwen have the best skin ever? She sure does. My brother was a year behind her at high school in Anaheim, then Cal State Fullerton. He said she was part of a band, sweet & gorgeous then. Continue Reading

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