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Re: Kelly threatened to quit Fashion Police...

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On 2/25/2015 kathoderay said: On 2/25/2015 redwall said: G. Rancic's comment was an attempt at humor that was received by Zendaya Coleman as insensitive at best and racist at worse (okay, many of you may start with the comments about the overuse of the so-called "race card."). Ms. Coleman wrote a simply eloquent response to the half-hearted non-apology posted by Rancic in which she explained why the comments reflected ignorance. Given the pushback that Rancic received and perhaps some introspection, she issued another apology that was not fully contrite. Why can't Rancic and others in that si... Continue Reading


Re: Sniper Trial Verdict

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The jury finally got it right. I don't feel he had PTSD at all. He was evil. Continue Reading


Re: Young-n-Restless question....

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I didn't even notice. Continue Reading


Re: Arias 2/25/14 update

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They deliberated a little over 3 hrs today, will return tomorrow & no deliberations on Friday. The stations will break in when there is a verdict, at least here in Arizona. Continue Reading


Re: The Dugger's wedding receptions

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I think she should have the wedding she wants and it's no one's business how many guests she has. Besides that TLC is paying for it. Continue Reading


Re: Giuliana Rancic, Kelly Osbourne, confusing!

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Some people are always looking for something to scream race about. I am a big fan of Zendaya & think she is gorgeous, but her hair did look "dread"ful! Hope Kelly doesn't let the door hit her in the rearend. Continue Reading


Re: Missing our posting friends........

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On 2/24/2015 Marmalade said: I saw RR just a few nights ago. Much to some person's dismay she is still alive and posting. Love the lady! Continue Reading


Re: Missing our posting friends........

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On 2/24/2015 NoelSeven said: I think I saw RRR just a couple of days ago. A new name, a variation on Rainbows. I didn't pay much attention to it so I can't be specific. We've had numerous fictional personalities on this board over time. Some were almost fun, most were not. There was one when I fist came here who'd claimed to be a nurse and apparently caused a lot of trouble. She was talked about a lot, came back a couple of times and finally went the way of ] goall pulp fiction. That was nurse recruiter or something similar. She was involved in selling an oil or something on the beauty thr... Continue Reading


Re: Red Velvet Oreos

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I never liked the original Oreos as a kid so probably will not try. I have tried the lemon and will buy them every once in a while. Not often. I do use Oreo's when making the dessert called "dirt". Continue Reading


Re: Hello...does anyone else feel the new lower s&h prices are really a big joke on us...the customers?

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Yep, and they also raised the prices a few $ on the items. I don't buy a thing! Continue Reading

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