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Re: I need me some Billy Miller!

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On 9/28/2014 robomo said: Me too! I'm only watching GH because of Michelle Stafford (whose character on GH makes Phyllis look like an angel!) and I can't wait to see Billy Miller. I like the new Billy on Y&R. but he is not, nor will he ever be, Billy Miller! Y&R was really, really stupid to let three of their best go and GH was REALLY smart to pick up two out of the three. I can't stand GH, but watch it just to see my old favs from Y&R. I am so with you robomo. I only started watching GH because of Michelle Stafford & Billy Miller. The old Abby is there too as Lulu. I have... Continue Reading


Re: General Hospital ~ October Thread

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Finally Billy Miller appeared today, even tho wrapped in bandages. Hope they come off soon!! Continue Reading


Re: Y&R - COMINGS & GOINGS new Adam

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On 10/1/2014 MathisFan said: JMO but he looks way too young to play Adam. I guess no one will fill the void, for me at least, that Michael Muhney left. I'm still not liking Burgess Jenkins as Billy either. Granted, he's better than David Tom but he's still no Billy Miller. No one is going to replace Michael Muhney or Billy Miller. Both choices for the new Billy Abbott have been a bust. Saw Billy Miller on GH today, all wrapped in bandages, but definitely him!!!!!! So excited. Continue Reading


Re: Former QVC Host Dave King - on General Hospital now

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Just what they need on GH, another actor that can't act. Continue Reading


Re: DWTS....Julianne Hough

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I think she is adorable too and a pro at dancing. Continue Reading


Re: Turbie Twist Hair Towels

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Got some at Ross just last weekend. Why would you pay Q's price + s&h. Continue Reading


Re: RE: thread about forums not bustling with activity

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It's been this way ever since the Q team joined the forums. Continue Reading


Re: Gas Stove Knobs

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Mine also must be pushed in & turned, and they are electronic start. I am a fanatic about checking them before I go to bed especially if I have used the oven. I have a detector in the laundry room, right off the kitchen because my large dog sleeps in there. Continue Reading

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