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Re: Why would anyone not have health insurance?

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Because they can't pay the high premium. The fine is much cheaper to pay than the premium. Many people don't have a choice. Continue Reading


Re: Saving money with QVC clothes

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On 4/17/2015 Chrystaltree said: Whatever. If you can't afford QVC or if you don't know how to determine your correct size, then you should shop elsewhere. You don't have blah blah blah about it. It's not that big of deal. No one else cares. Agree with baileysue. Continue Reading


Re: HSN & QVC make the same mistake....

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Because these tops accent every wrinkle, bump and roll you have. Unless you are stick thin with a flat stomach and toned arms you shouldn't wear this type of garment alone. Continue Reading


Re: Breezies will be getting lots of returns with their poor sizing

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A size 14 panty is not a 4x or 5x, it's an XL. Continue Reading


Re: Billy Joel Big News Today

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On 4/14/2015 KellyS said: On 4/14/2015 Lucky charm said: I wasn't wild about that genre of music, but he seems like an okay guy. He must've been very charismatic if he got Christie. Don't know why they divorced, but obviously she married a better looking guy and look what happens with him...cheated on her big time. I wish them well. They divorced maybe because she cheated. She had a marriage proposal before she was divorced. Why did she cheat is the question. Gee, do you know her personally or just her business. Continue Reading


Re: Department Store Dressing Room Etiquette

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Our JCP is very small and there is no attendant, but the rooms are always clean. There are only 4 or 5. There was an article in yesterday's paper that our small JCP is number one in the state. Continue Reading


Re: Just have to vent - FRONTIER AIRLINES!!! UGH.....

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I've never heard of Frontier Airlines. I always fly Southwest or Alaska. Continue Reading


Re: Infusion Water Bottle

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I only drink out of a glass water bottle and got mine at Ross. Continue Reading

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