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Re: Honest discussion about VPH quality.

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I bought "hand painted" ornaments for gifts at work about 10 years ago. It was a set of 6. They arrived in terrible condition. One hinge was broke & the paint job was all over the place. I had to run out and find something else for the gals at Hallmark. Never have I purchased her stuff again, nor will I. Continue Reading


Re: Who is the Newest female Q host

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What time slot is she on? Haven't noticed a new one. Continue Reading


Re: How about an "Offensive Poster" button, QVC?

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If you disagree with a poster hit the "ignore" button. If it's really vulgar hit the "abuse" button. Easy. Continue Reading


Re: Hurray! Welcome back Gabrielle!!!!

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She'll be having another baby next year. Continue Reading


Re: Enough Already

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I don't even notice. I probably watch an hour a week of shopping channel junk. I don't understand posters who watch 24/7 & then complain about the programming. Continue Reading


Re: Shipping Charges

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They are ridiculous. Continue Reading


Re: Courtney

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Courtney is darling, but I don't care about any of the hosts weddings since the Judy/Jeff fiasco years ago, or their personal lives. Continue Reading


Re: Goji berries

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I love to drink the juice, but it's expensive. Continue Reading


Re: Many Seniors live alone, what are some snacks for 1 ??

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One of my favorites is celery filled with something. Either cheese whiz or cream cheese usually. I also keep a bag of granola of some type. I tried Graze & got my first box free, but the boxes are so tiny I can eat one in a hour sitting. Not cost effective. Continue Reading

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