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Re: General Hospital ~ November Thread

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Best line ever: Jake (Jason) he gets out of the shower, "You've got great water pressure". Elizabeth...."Thank you." Give me some more Billy Miller!!!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Gloria's on B&B

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Looks like it. Continue Reading


Re: Y&R Nick's day of recognition, how about Jack...

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Worst, most boring episode ever............ Continue Reading


Re: Y&R Devon and Hilary snore.....

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To me Devon has no secks appeal. The entire Winter clan can leave. Continue Reading


Re: Thought we were having a great discussion

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I am so glad I live in the small town I do. Can't imagine anything like in F. Continue Reading


Re: Thanksgiving Peace to All of Us

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The news makes me appreciate & love my little town even more. Everyone is on the FB community page making sure everyone has a Thanksgiving dinner. Continue Reading


Re: DWTS - Finale - 11/25/14 - Possible Spoilers

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Been rooting for Sadie & Mark all season, but think fans will vote for Charlton, oops Alfonso. He is a professional dancer. Continue Reading


Re: Bette Midler wants publicity

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I thought this thread was going to be about Cosby's ladies when I read the title. Lol. Continue Reading


Re: Why Is Thanskgiving Day being overshadowed by Stores opening at 6pm

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I agree that this has been covered a number of times & every year. If you don't like it stay home & watch football or Qvc. Continue Reading

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