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Re: best foundation for age 50+ women

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I don't like full coverage foundation. I only use CC or sometimes BB crème. My GD swears by L'Oreal foundation. Continue Reading


Re: Today in my class...

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On 11/20/2014 sfnative said: I think it wrong to require students to write such an essay. If I were in that class, I would have refused. If my daughter had been in that class, I would have had words with the Headmaster the following day! We prepare turkey purchased from Trader Joe's, which is the center of our feast. In doing so, we remember those who first colonized our country and lived through extremes just to get from one day to another. I am thankful for my turkey dinner and that I live in a Republic. There's always a defiant one in the crowd. Continue Reading


Re: Thjis does not seem right to me.

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Public servants are paid well & expect to work holidays when hired. My nephew is an ambulance driver & niece is a hospital specialist. They never complain. The fire station in my community has a family Thanksgiving dinner every year at the station for immediate family. None of them complain either. Continue Reading


Re: What's happened to Honora?

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Just like everything else they are so mass produced, & outsourced to China. They have massive pearl farms to harvest them. Even though they are from oysters I don't consider them natural pearls, which I have. Continue Reading


Re: Thinking I am going to return the TS of the MY PILLOW.

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On 11/22/2014 AnnaBella said: I just ordered Tony Little's pillow duo on HSN through Ebates with a 15% off coupon, free shipping and no sales tax. It has excellent ratings... especially for those with neck issues... I am hopeful..... I've had some Tony Little pillows for over 3 years now, but mine don't have seeds, they have tiny styrofoam balls. I can't sleep without them so have the travel size too. I toss them in the dryer when I do sheets to fl^ff them up. Geeze what's wrong with the word fl^ff. Continue Reading


Re: If you bought the Frozen necklace/music box did you test it?

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How much was the music box? I sell handmade Frozen necklaces & hats. Was it a tsv? Continue Reading


Re: Rumors Lisa Robertson Fashion Police

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According to Melissa Rivers the FP will not be a weekly show, but only a red carpet event. I would believe the Bare Minerals story because of her close association & friendship with Leslie. She is leaving a huge salary with perks so she must have been guaranteed a great offer with someone. Continue Reading


Re: Flip Phones are Making a Comeback

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I still have mine, it's so much easier to use than a smart phone. Continue Reading

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