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Re: This weather is unreal!

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60 here at 10:00. Got up & walked 2 miles. Sun is out. I am driving to So Calif the end of the month & I dread it. It's hot there. Continue Reading


Re: Vintage. What are your thoughts on that?

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Not clothes, but anything else yes. I shop vintage linens, quilts, bakeware, tools, baby toys, etc. Both my bed frames are vintage iron from the 30's & 40's & dresser. I look for 1940-1960's. Continue Reading



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A hassle. I rarely order online. Continue Reading


Re: Foundation Primer

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I used Monistat for years. Lately I have been using Skinn Orchid Gel & I also like Hard Candy. Continue Reading


Re: Benefit TS is up

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I wanted to try the brow stuff, but the reviews aren't good. I have the mascara, not thrilled, and two of the Sugar Bomb lip glosses. I purchased a 2nd on Ebay I like it so much. Not interested in the highlighter so I'm passing. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa R. discussed on Nancy Grace tonight

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On 4/16/2014 PKB said: Famous people have been stalked since forever, long before social media. Hence, the stalking laws! These creeps don't need social media to keep tabs on their victims, they do quite well on their own. I am quite sure LR has plenty of protection at home as well as when she is out and about. And I very much doubt that QVC forces the hosts to have a Facebook pages to promote products. Good grief, do some of you even read what you write before you hit the submit? It might be a good idea..... *rolls eyes* Lisa Robertson is famous?! Continue Reading


Re: Ronnie Dunn On Dr Phil Today

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Brooks & Dunn are my favorite duo & been to a couple of their concerts. I don't care for either one solo too much. Ronnie Dunn is on Dr. Phil today, I am watching him now. Continue Reading


Re: Who never posts anything personal?

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The only personal things I remember posting are beauty related. Some of the comments here you have to wonder if some of the posters are children playing games. Certainly they are not adults. Continue Reading

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