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Re: every morning a female cardinal flys into our window. I don't know what to do

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Last summer I had a beautiful male bluebird do the "bash my head against the glass" routine on two different windows at my house. The windows were very far apart and were totally different....one had a porch covering over it, the other did not. It seemed like he really enjoyed this activity. It will be interesting to see if he returns this year and gets after it again. Bless his little bluebird heart! Continue Reading


Re: Thanks to all who suggested a French-Door Fridge vs. Side by Side

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Glad to hear that you love your new fridge. I love mine, also, but have one word of caution. You have to be a little deliberate when closing the doors...at least you do on mine, anyway. I have an alarm setting on my refrigerator that let's you know if the doors aren't closed. If you have that, I suggest you engage it. Other then that, I adore my French door, too!!! Continue Reading


Re: Who Recommended Suave Luxe Style Infusion Volumizer?

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I tried to find the Suave Volumizing Root Boost Spray (another product that was recommended here on the boards) yesterday at my local Wal Marty. it was no where to be found. Seems when you find something you really like, it's gone. Grrrrrrr. Continue Reading


Re: Only Venting In Hopes It Helps QVC

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I saw the exact exchange you are talking about, grandgracie, and I totally agree with you. Yes, Pat generally is very good with Susan. But this time I think Pat had had enough. I think she must have thought to herself, "I give up." If I were Pat, I would have given up a looooong time ago! Continue Reading


Re: Hurry, Gunmetal Fish is up!

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On 2/26/2015 HAPPY LADY said: On 2/26/2015 turquoise blue said: Happy Lady, Sorry,I didn't know someone had already posted about it. I was just trying to be nice. From now on I will keep quiet. Don't you dare keep "quiet". You were the third to post the arrival of the long awaited gunmetal fish. We all miss postings sometimes and want to let our friends know a long awaited item has arrived. And sometimes a post gets so long it is good to start a fresh on. Having multiple posts about the same item can make it hard to respond. Please, post away, I enjoyed your enthusiasm. Look forward to your r... Continue Reading


Re: Time To Go Fishing! J317123

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On 2/25/2015 brat said: I swear last week the fish necklace was $50.00 and now it is $56.00. Seems to me that they lowered the shipping price, but upped the product price to make up the difference. You are correct on that. QVC seems to be doing it on many items. Continue Reading

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