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Re: OT/anyone ever use the Saint Anthony prayer to find things?

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I knew there was a reason I hesitated to write my post here. When will I ever learn. Continue Reading


Re: OT/anyone ever use the Saint Anthony prayer to find things?

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OMGoodness!!! I hesitate to post this cause no one will probably believe it, but here goes. I just happen to read this thread this morning. I've been looking for a diamond ring and costume bracelet for six weeks or so.....I could not for the life of me figure out what happened to them. Thought maybe they ran off together never to return to me. I went into my closet and said the prayer (figured it couldn't hurt) and then quickly looked in a couple of really odd places hoping the magic might happen. I even looked in an extension tube for my vacuum that's in my closet hoping the ring rolled in t... Continue Reading


Re: Turquoise Lovers

In Jewelry Talk 1408671037.803

Wow, this is one heck of a thread! Just what I needed to take my mind off all the "cwap" I've been dealing with today prepping for my colonoscopy tomorrow. Thanks for sharing all the lovely photos, ladies. Thanks very much! pup Continue Reading


Re: Please give me your favorite recipes with wine in them

In Recipe Swap 1406848771.777

On 7/31/2014 Mary Bailey said: Dang, you beat me to the punch! Continue Reading


Re: Hair Types - What's Yours?

In Beauty Banter 1406494760.28

My hair is like hay. I try not to get too close to horses or cows in fear they might try to snatch a bite. Continue Reading


Re: How about "whimsy" in home decor? Do you like it?

In For the Home Talk 1406494425.287

I'm all about's just what I like. Continue Reading


Re: Very Strange Smells

In Health & Fitness 1406494073.253

I was smelling smoke off and on for quite awhile. It was annoying and weird. Then it became worse and was more on then off. I finally went to see an ENT. He said it was likely from chronic sinus issues and gave me antibiotics to take for SIX weeks. I told him my GP had already given me a ten day course of antibiotics several weeks prior. It had not helped. He said ten days was not long enough. Well, about five weeks into taking the medicine I was still not better and I was beginning to wonder. The Doctor had told me that if it did not clear up to come back and he would do an MRI or Cat Scan o... Continue Reading


Re: Best Food Item QVC Sells Is?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1406070862.69

Hate to admit it, but I buy items and they get crammed in the freezer and then I forget to use them. So bad on me! But, the one item that I ate every last one of and very much enjoyed was the Southwest Tilapia. I just don't cook fish normally, but I do like it. I made this mostly when hubby was away and I just wanted something for myself that was quick, OH SO EASY, and delicious. I usually nuked one of those little flavored rice packets to go along with and it was a very good meal. I will be reordering more of this item. Oh, and always have a squeeze of fresh lemon juice to go on top of them.... Continue Reading


Re: Pores on red nose???????????

In Beauty Banter 1405866924.1

On 7/20/2014 Campion said: I swear by Hanskin, which is a Korean BB cream. It has SPF, primes and covers well. It takes down my uneven redness. If you apply it lightly, you can use powder foundation over it. If you put it on a bit heavier, it works alone. The color is fairly irrelevant unless you are a deeply rich color, in which case it may be too light. Your Hanskin link goes to a Fagor pressure cooker....with steamer basket insert. Continue Reading


Re: Andrew Lessman Healthy Hair Skin Nails TSV 7/13 will include...

In Health & Fitness 1405269282.24

Okay, somebody please give me a kick in the butt here. I have several of Andrew's vitamins but I am horrible at actually taking them! I've even taken the time to put them in a seven day pill container deal and have it sitting on my bathroom counter. I just walked by it a minute ago and shamed myself into at least taking the all in one vitamin he offers. I looked at the rest of them and just couldn't stomach it. How do y'all take all these pills??? I know, I know, just do it. I think one of my problems is I don't eat much for breakfast so I tend to put off taking the vitamins till I have lunch... Continue Reading

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