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Re: Please share your recipe for apple pie filling ~ thank you.

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1410194759.693

Love your pictures, and want to eat that pie right now!!! Continue Reading


Re: Joan, Kathy and a sheep?

In Beauty Banter 1410098990.017

Those were the days my friend.....we thought they'd never end. Continue Reading


Re: NBC Tribute for Joan Rivers

In Joan Rivers 1410022095.597

On 9/5/2014 chickadee88 said: Just watched a tribute on NBC for Joan. Very well put together. They said on QVC she was a billion dollar vendor. Hubby and I were watching this when they mentioned the billion dollar business Joan had done for QVC. Hubby looked over at me and grinned......let's just say I have contributed substantially to Joan's success here on the Q. I will truly miss Joan, and as an only child myself, my heart breaks for Melissa. Continue Reading


Re: Sad to see Joan Rivers pass away.....

In Linea 1409964036.38

On 9/5/2014 justashopper said: I was also a fan of Joan. I feel bad about how she passed. she seemed so full of life and happy. was this just a tragic thing that could have been avoided? Very sad. How about this for a coincidence: For the past couple months I was on the wait list for a Joan necklace. Yesterday, it shipped and I got the email. At first I couldn't think what i ordered that was shipping and when I opened the email I was kind of shocked.... Like there I was feeling bad about her and that happened. Not like I think Joan was telling me she ok or whatever. Lol. Just little thing tha... Continue Reading


Re: Too Many Susan Graver Shows

In Susan Graver 1409925550.147

On 9/4/2014 Spunkyspouts said: I find her exhuberance completely out of order this evening. I find her exuberance completely out of order every time she's on the Q. And I bet you dollars to butterknits there are some QVC hosts who would agree with me. Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone seen this new luminary at B&BW?

In For the Home Talk 1409871759.617

Luminary alert! I did indeed go to B&BW's today and found a pumpkin luminary I really I bought it. It's called Pumpkin Cafe candle holder on the box, and the store clerk said they just got it in yesterday. I don't see any pic of it online yet. It holds a 3 wick candle and is a large pumpkin with glass and bronze leaves, stem, etc. Oh, hubby just measured and the container is eight inches tall with two extra inches to the stem. It's about nine inches wide at it's chubbiest pumpkin part. I really, really like it. I noticed it the second I walked into the store. Only downside I s... Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone seen this new luminary at B&BW?

In For the Home Talk 1409780470.097

Noticed this house online but have not seen it in person yet...may make a trip tomorrow to the nearest B&BW's. I like the owls on this particular house. I have the original black Halloween luminary and so enjoy it each year. I put it on a very small table I have and place this witch balance toy behind it so it looks like she is flying over. Hope the link works: They are cute together. If they would offer them, I would buy a luminary for every season out there. In addition to my Halloween luminary, I have the original Christmas one, and the open big whi... Continue Reading


Re: OT/anyone ever use the Saint Anthony prayer to find things?

In Beauty Banter 1408813280.127

I knew there was a reason I hesitated to write my post here. When will I ever learn. Continue Reading


Re: OT/anyone ever use the Saint Anthony prayer to find things?

In Beauty Banter 1408731538.583

OMGoodness!!! I hesitate to post this cause no one will probably believe it, but here goes. I just happen to read this thread this morning. I've been looking for a diamond ring and costume bracelet for six weeks or so.....I could not for the life of me figure out what happened to them. Thought maybe they ran off together never to return to me. I went into my closet and said the prayer (figured it couldn't hurt) and then quickly looked in a couple of really odd places hoping the magic might happen. I even looked in an extension tube for my vacuum that's in my closet hoping the ring rolled in t... Continue Reading


Re: Turquoise Lovers

In Jewelry Talk 1408671037.803

Wow, this is one heck of a thread! Just what I needed to take my mind off all the "cwap" I've been dealing with today prepping for my colonoscopy tomorrow. Thanks for sharing all the lovely photos, ladies. Thanks very much! pup Continue Reading

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