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Re: 7 layer salad question

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1418852928.657

Don't toss, but you gotta dig down deep to be sure to get all the layers. YUM! Continue Reading


Re: anyone elses Mrs Prindables MIA?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1418687538.65

Exact same thing happened to me many, many years ago. I was counting on them for the ONLY dessert for a dinner I was having for a few friends before Christmas. QVC rep I talked to couldn't have cared less. Bottom line, no apples for me! I have been tempted so many times since then to order Mrs. Prindables. But I will never forget........and will NEVER order again! Continue Reading


Re: what main dish do you make for Christmas/New Years

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1418686721.067

On 12/7/2014 Doxie said: vicki- I am packing my suitcase to come visit! Your meals sound terrific. I enjoy reading what others do as well. We change our menu for Christmas and have had a variety for that. New Year's Day is a feast of all the right food for a good year. Pork, greens, hoppin john, cornbread, etc. doxie Vicki, you are going to have put out more place settings cause me and my hubby are coming, too. I so agree with doxie, your menus sound so very good!!!!!!!! I'm sitting here right now trying to figure out what meat to prepare for Christmas...that's why I pulled up this thread... Continue Reading


Re: Need a new vacuum. Do you like your Shark?

In For the Home Talk 1418680996.19

Thanks, everyone, so much. Let me add that this house I'm talking about belonged to my MIL and now we have inherited it. We are going to use it as a get away place. The carpet is twenty seven years old and it is that sculpted plush kind from long ago. It's still in relatively good shape so we are not going to replace it. And it is all over the house! There's not one room with wood or tile. HA! My MIL had an old Hoover vacuum that must have been 30+ years old. It was impossible to push!!!!! IMPOSSIBLE, I tell you. Well, maybe Arnold Schwarzenegger could have pushed it, but he would've worked ... Continue Reading


Need a new vacuum. Do you like your Shark?

Last Reply by Rtmom 1418822384.767 | Started by pupwhipped in For the Home Talk

Need a vacuum for a house with ALL carpeting and LOTS of it. I also have three dogs. I went to my local Bed Bath and Beyond with my 20% off coupon thinking I would buy a Shark vacuum. They did not have much to choose from. The one I was leaning towards (Model NV502) was not in stock. Just my luck. Now I'm looking online and trying to decide. I'd really like to get one in the next few days or so. Anyway, can any of you recommend a particular Shark model? Thank you, pup Continue Reading


Re: Need toilet help!!!

In For the Home Talk 1418591190.817

Pumice stone and lots of elbow grease...and patience. And make sure the pumice stone is wet, do not use it dry. Continue Reading


Re: Elizabeth Taylor and it is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful and amazing and amazing

In Jewelry Talk 1418439668.507

He just said, "she talked me into to doing this, and now she's leaving" the very least. Continue Reading


Re: Elizabeth Taylor and it is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful and amazing and amazing

In Jewelry Talk 1418439402.887

How many more dead celebrities are they going to call upon to increase their bottom line? Continue Reading


Re: Never owned a smart phone....which one to buy???

In Electronics Talk 1418432295.453

Thank you ALL so very much!!! Can I just say, so many times on this QVC forum I am amazed at how generous and giving people are with info, recommendations, etc. And usually they are quick to respond, as is the case here with my post. I think that is so great!!! And yes, there are other times when threads can go off the rails with nasty comments, bickering and such. But that is the minority, I believe. We all need to agree then it is okay to disagree. I really appreciate each and every thought here. Thank you! Continue Reading


Re: Remember this? Lisa R, Dave King duet "Baby, It's Cold Outside"

In Fashion Talk 1418430486.543

I've never seen this before. And I've been watching QVC since the dark ages...and watching way too much to boot! I like this video. It's nice. And I really liked Dave King when he was on the Q. Thanks for the memories! Continue Reading

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