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Re: O/T does your husband or significant other wear...

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My husband dresses like he doesn't have two nickels to rub together. Drives me nuts! Continue Reading


Re: When was the last time your changed your hairstyle?

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On 4/16/2015 lolakimono said: I have thick, wavy hair, and I am super lazy. I am a "wash and wear" girl. I do not own a curling iron, flat iron, (or a clothes iron for that matter) and the last time I used a blow dryer was probably to do some sort of craft. I have the Meg Ryan 90s hair (don't worry, I just cut it like this; I haven't had it SINCE the 90s ). It has to be thinned out big time. If I don't get it cut every 6 weeks, I start to look more like Keith Urban. Or, even worse, Billy Ray Cyrus! OMG, now that's funny. Luv you, lolakimona! Continue Reading


Re: When was the last time your changed your hairstyle?

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Oh, this is so easy for me. My home is stuck in the 90's, and my hairdo is stuck in the 70's. Continue Reading


Re: What shoes is Pat wearing on Graver show, Thursday a.m.? Plaid slip-on?

In All About Shoes 1429215737.993

I WISH I DIDN'T HAVE NARROW FEET! And yes, I meant to yell. Continue Reading


Re: Injections in Knee?

In Health & Fitness 1429187537.297

Thanks for letting us know, patticakes. I went back and looked up the date of my cortisone injection and it was 2/6. As I mentioned before, I had good results with it, but now I can tell it is slowly beginning to wear off. One of my problems is a Baker's cyst and I've heard and read varying opinions on that one. I will be going back to my doctor soon to talk this over. I only saw his Physician's assistant last time. She gave me the results of my MRI and the injection. I want to speak to the ortho doc and really understand more about all the stuff I read on my MRI results. The brand of gel sho... Continue Reading


Re: What is going on with the more recent Ripka pieces?

In Judith Ripka 1429136704.48

On 4/15/2015 BLB said: I AM SO SORRY! I feel like a fool. I know my eyes are bad, but not this bad. My husband looked at the ring with a magnifying glass and saw what I thought were black tiny scratches. It was the markings. Judith Ripka 925 Italy. I sent back the tubogas necklace so I can't check that, but there may have been tiny markings somewhere on it as well. So sorry for starting a non issue. Don't worry about it, BLB. We've all been there in one way or another. I can't see squat at this point. Hubby and I are the same age (59), but he has the most remarkable close-up vision! He is my ... Continue Reading


Re: New website format??? Problems?

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There is no excuse for the overlapping problems. How stupid! And sometimes I have to sneak up on the forums button at the top on the left. If I scroll up to it like I did before, I get all these drop down choices from the words above it. I would be embarrassed if I created this new hot mess. Continue Reading


Re: Cover photo--anyone know what necklace this is on the bust Shawn is next to?

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Looks like there was a prior thread about this necklace, not a real positive one, though. https://community.qvc.com/forums/jewelry-talk/topic/473400/lori-goldstein-jewelry.aspx Continue Reading


Re: QVC doesn't know where my order is ...

In Q Did What? 1428931090.167

I had this happen with a TSV Little Giant Ladder, of all things. Status would say "no tracking information available." I had to wait eighteen days, or whatever it was, to see if it might eventually show up. Nope, it did not. I guess it was lost in space. I called customer service and they sent out a replacement ladder. When it arrived, it was dented! We sent it back and gave up on Little Giant Ladders. Guess we just weren't meant to have one. Continue Reading


Re: Buyer beware, if you are sending back jewelry

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I just think you really need to give some thought to risk and cost benefit here. I typically use QVC's return labels, but I don't send back all that much merchandise. Recently I returned a piece of jewelry that was close to $300. It never made it. I called customer service and she asked me if I used QVC's return label. When I said yes, she said no problem, and the credit was issued lickety split. I was glad I didn't have to worry and sweat over that one! Continue Reading

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