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Re: Any other Dumpster Divers out there?

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I picked up 2 oak French doors (HEAVY) that someone threw out. My son added front/back hinges and made a room divider out of them. Unreal. Continue Reading


Re: What Is The Best Cut Of Meat For Pot Roast

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Your roast may be stringy because you are cutting it wrong. Cut your slices AGAINST the grain of the meat and see if that makes a difference. Continue Reading


Re: Cough headache....

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The MRI went well. I will call the doctor today or tomorrow. They gave me a card to view my report online, so when I get to work, I'll check it out. Stay tuned. Continue Reading


On our way to Lancaster, PA tomorrow ... ideas?

Last Reply by loveac 1424879023.72 | Started by seaswirl in Beauty Banter

DH and I are taking a few days off and heading to Lancaster. We've been there several times, but it's always nice to get some fresh ideas of places to go, places to shop, and places to eat. Where do YOU like to go in Lancaster? Continue Reading


Re: Cough headache....

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On 2/23/2015 lolakimono said: Seaswirl, I remember reading about your rehab/contractor issues after the hurricane. Could you have mold in the house that's causing this reaction? lola: Yes, that is certainly a consideration (a sick house). Going to see the MRI results and then go from there. Continue Reading


Re: OT - Why is everything "AMAZING" these days?

In Beauty Banter 1424694713.21

Maybe "amazing" is replacing "awesome." Continue Reading


Re: Cough headache....

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Tomorrow is my brain MRI to get to the bottom of my daily headaches. I've never had an MRI so I'm a little anxious. Continue Reading


Re: SIMPLIFY 2015--Week 8

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On 2/17/2015 Jolexi said: On 2/17/2015 DrKelli said: I can do a monthly thread--it doesn't matter to me. And you're right about the weather--I didn't go anywhere yesterday except to walk the dogs around the block and shovel my driveway. And there was nothing on the shopping channels that particularly interested me. I'm ok with monthly thread, too. As for the weather - I normally like/love winter. Not so much these days. The worst thing about the cabin fever this weather causes for me is that I binge watched a great series on Netflix; I was hoping to make that last for a while as I know it ta... Continue Reading


Re: Cough headache....

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On 2/5/2015 dobiesrule said: My adult son, who does not get headaches, got one and after 5 days of it, went to the dr and was diagnosed with something to do with TMJ. He was given a muscle relaxer and told it would take several days for the headaches to go away. Surprising diagnosis to me, but we'll see what happens. To dobiesrule: Funny you should say that. Two days last week, I woke up with a serious jaw ache. I thought I was having a heart attack :( I'll definitely mention it to the doctor. Continue Reading


Re: Cough headache....

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On 2/3/2015 hckynut said: Can't even venture a response with so little info. I've had a headache every single day since approx Nov 2012 (post Hurricane Sandy). Not a bad headache, but in the background and always there. Tolerable. I went to a neuro in 2013 and he did an EEG and it turned out negative. He said I had a condition known as "Daily Onset Headache" or something like that. He told me to take B-12. I started the B-12 and that actually helped a bit. Now the headache has changed to a daily headache, which is VERY BAD when I cough, sneeze, bend over, strain. In the beginning, on... Continue Reading

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