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How do I make my jean jacket softer?

Last Reply by nonethanks 1430066033.873 | Started by seaswirl in Fashion Talk

What can I use to make my Denim & Co. cotton jean jacket softer? I love the jacket, but the denim is so hard and it wrinkles up so badly, it's almost impossible to wear. Continue Reading


Re: What mystery meat did I eat?

In Beauty Banter 1429025012.547

The more I read about tofu, the more I think that's what I ate. I'm writing them a complaint letter today. Thanks for all of your responses. Continue Reading


What mystery meat did I eat?

Last Reply by BlingQueen022 1429265413.16 | Started by seaswirl in Beauty Banter

Last night DH and I went to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner. I ordered the chicken kabob, which I usually always get. It's chunks of chicken and veggies broiled and served over rice. Well, when it came out it looked normal, but when I bit into the chicken, I got a weird sense that this wasn't chicken. It was the color of chicken, but it was very dense and chewy. I couldn't even tear it apart with my hands. I ended up only eating the veggies and the rice. Any idea of what this mystery meat could be? Continue Reading


Re: Where is the best place to find retired Diamonique pieces?

In Diamonique 1426548820.093

On 3/16/2015 esmeraldagooch said: I've sold all my Diamonique with the exception of a few pairs of studs. I did it in lots , so pendants, bracelets, earrings. If you wait long enough it will show up. Esmeralda: Can you please tell me where you sold all of your jewelry? I'm in the process of polishing and writing descriptions of my jewelry getting ready to sell it. This time, I'm doing it! :) Continue Reading


Re: Cough headache....

In Health & Fitness 1426505828.423

For those of you who asked for an update . . . the results of my MRI were normal. The doctor put me on Gabapentin (not sure if I spelled that right). It will take several weeks for me to see any difference. Continue Reading


Re: Any other Dumpster Divers out there?

In For the Home Talk 1425229214.83

I picked up 2 oak French doors (HEAVY) that someone threw out. My son added front/back hinges and made a room divider out of them. Unreal. Continue Reading


Re: What Is The Best Cut Of Meat For Pot Roast

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1425125094.467

Your roast may be stringy because you are cutting it wrong. Cut your slices AGAINST the grain of the meat and see if that makes a difference. Continue Reading


Re: Cough headache....

In Health & Fitness 1424867783.19

The MRI went well. I will call the doctor today or tomorrow. They gave me a card to view my report online, so when I get to work, I'll check it out. Stay tuned. Continue Reading


On our way to Lancaster, PA tomorrow ... ideas?

Last Reply by Loveac 1424879023.72 | Started by seaswirl in Beauty Banter

DH and I are taking a few days off and heading to Lancaster. We've been there several times, but it's always nice to get some fresh ideas of places to go, places to shop, and places to eat. Where do YOU like to go in Lancaster? Continue Reading


Re: Cough headache....

In Health & Fitness 1424695418.77

On 2/23/2015 lolakimono said: Seaswirl, I remember reading about your rehab/contractor issues after the hurricane. Could you have mold in the house that's causing this reaction? lola: Yes, that is certainly a consideration (a sick house). Going to see the MRI results and then go from there. Continue Reading

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