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Indoor TV antenna for spare room...

Last Reply by Snowpuppy 1418505830.607 | Started by seaswirl in Electronics Talk

I'm thinking of buying an indoor/outdoor antenna for my spare room TV (where I do my sewing). I have a cable wire running into that room, but I can't bear springing for another cable box. What can I expect from an antenna running to my TV? Continue Reading


VPH Christmas Wreath ... I missed out.

Last Reply by Didiville 1418303008.19 | Started by seaswirl in Beauty Banter

I've been on auto delivery for 2 wreaths for years. It's my gift to my neighbors. I must have stopped it sometime during this year and forgot I did it. Now, I don't have wreaths to give to my neighbors. Does anyone use another mail order company for Christmas wreaths? Thanks in advance. Continue Reading


Saffiano Charleston or Pebble Charleston ....which one?

Last Reply by stevieb 1417710168.42 | Started by seaswirl in Dooney & Bourke

Please compare and contrast these two Dooneys. Thnx. Continue Reading


Leah's stack rings this morning ... love them.

Last Reply by millieshops 1417706289.807 | Started by seaswirl in Fashion Talk

Does anyone know anything about the stack rings Leah is wearing this morning? I love them. Continue Reading


Re: THANKSGIVING DINNER POST-MORTEM: What worked; what didn't ?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1417178961.173

I made way too much food. My cheesecake wouldn't separate from the graham crust. My grandchildren (6 & 9) got on my nerves. No one lifted a finger to help......I guess they thought they went to a restaurant. Next year, I'm streamlining Thanksgiving. The formal, pull out all the stops holiday is getting to be a little much for an old lady like me! (Thanks for letting me vent) Continue Reading


I need a new alarm clock....recommendations?

Last Reply by Campion 1416724100.34 | Started by seaswirl in For the Home Talk

I'd like to pick up a new alarm clock. It should be battery operated and have regular Arabic numbers rather that LED numbers. I'd also like the hands to glow in the dark so I can see it at night. If you've gotten a new alarm clock lately and like it, tell me about it. Continue Reading


Sideloading apps to my Kindle

Last Reply by ChynnaBlue 1413994984.677 | Started by seaswirl in Electronics Talk

Has anyone sideloaded apps to their Kindle? I'm still wrestling as to whether I like the Kindle or not. I'm LOVING the Le Pan, but it's bulky and I can't find a nice cover or skin (or, and the speaker is rather tinny). If I'm successful at sideloading apps on the Kindle, that will be the deciding factor for me. Continue Reading


Kindle Fire HD 7...problem.

Last Reply by Meeras 1413776057.71 | Started by seaswirl in Electronics Talk

I recently bought the Kindle Fire HD 7 and was so excited to get it. After having it for a few days, I'm a little bummed. No.1....I don't think you can customize the home page. No.2, I learned that it's not an android device so it's a little weird to me. I also bought the Le Pan, which seems to be the one that I'll keep. Anyone else not that thrilled with the Kindle? I really want to like it. Continue Reading


Selling beauty products

Last Reply by Harpa 1412366593.093 | Started by seaswirl in Beauty Banter

I have quite a few beauty products (unopened/sealed) that I’d like to sell because they are just taking up space. I have mostly Philosophy and Korres items. I live in northern NJ. Are there websites or Facebook pages to buy and sell stuff besides Craiglist? (I don’t think Craiglist has a good enough turnaround time for beauty items). Continue Reading

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