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Re: Are they called.. pocketbooks, purses, handbags?

In Fashion Talk 1421950136.963

NY Metro area, we call them "bags." Continue Reading


Re: Mr. Rebates

In Fashion Talk 1421588153.84

What browers do NOT work well with Mr. Rebates? Continue Reading


Re: SIMPLIFY 2015--WEEK 3--all can join! Support for those who want to spend less

In Beauty Banter 1421413173.023

On 1/14/2015 Phantom41 said: On 1/12/2015 DrKelli said: I use body wash in my hand soap dispensers I can't believe I've never thought of that - thank you!! Will save on my B&BW soaps! Now if I can just not watch Dimitri and SKINN this weekend, I'll be home free for the month! Do you dilute the body wash when you use it in your hand soap dispenser, or just use it the way it is? Continue Reading


Adopt an olive tree from Italy

Last Reply by ciao_bella 1421272787.697 | Started by seaswirl in Beauty Banter

Has anyone "adopted" an olive tree from Italy and then received olive oil from the tree? I want to do this for my son's birthday, but I need some recommendations. Thanks in advance. Continue Reading


Re: Who here uses cloth napkins on a daily basis?

In For the Home Talk 1421153300.89

We use white bar towels. They are inexpensive and wash up beautifully. Continue Reading


Re: Carolyn G's outfit today (Sunday A.M.)

In Fashion Talk 1421066036.473

To lolakimono: Good call... I think you're right! Continue Reading


Carolyn G's outfit today (Sunday A.M.)

Last Reply by feline groovy 1421125467.09 | Started by seaswirl in Fashion Talk

Carolyn looks terrific today, very put together. Wonder if her separates are D&C. Continue Reading


Re: Still Buying Fiestaware (aka Fiestaware thread, Part 2)

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1420721841.517

Does anyone ever find that they grow bored with certain colors of their collection? Somehow 2 "Heather" dinner plates snuck ("sneaked" for the grammarians onboard) into my collection, and I just don't like them. Where's the best place to get rid of them? Continue Reading


Re: Still Buying Fiestaware (aka Fiestaware thread, Part 2)

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1420412999.55

Here 'ya go. Played around with this picture ALL day. Continue Reading


Freezing milk...

Last Reply by Shelbelle 1420651910.917 | Started by seaswirl in Kitchen & Food Talk

Can you freeze milk? Continue Reading

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