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Re: Need Advice on Special Baby Gift Please

In Mom to Mom Forum 1408750266.997

A sterling baby cup with the baby's monogram. Continue Reading


Cooking "make ahead" meals and freezing.

Last Reply by happy housewife 1408072261.74 | Started by seaswirl in Kitchen & Food Talk

DD, newly divorced, just accepted a new job (her first full time). She has 3 little ones. I told her I'd help her cook and freeze meals ahead so she's not tempted to fall into the fast food trap. Does anyone do power cooking and freeze ahead meals? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Continue Reading


Re: What celebrity/famous person ....

In Beauty Banter 1407352009.51

Everett Dirkson: Sat next to him on a plane from Newark to Peoria in the mid-60s. Richard & Pat Nixon: Eating dinner at ?El Torito,” Paramus, NJ. New Year’s Eve, mid-70s (2 years in a row). Vanessa Williams: Eating dinner at The Manor, northern NJ. Gwyneth Paltrow: Pushing a baby stroller on the streets of NYC (all by herself). Regis Philbin: Eating lunch with some cronies in a restaurant in mid-town Manhattan. Continue Reading


What celebrity/famous person ....

Last Reply by Scottish at Heart 1407565895.83 | Started by seaswirl in Beauty Banter

... have you seen in a public setting? Continue Reading


Re: The UPS Man just told my husband that I needed help!!

In For the Home Talk 1406144270.673

Looks like he just kissed his Christmas gift good-bye. Continue Reading


Re: Do you like Greek yogurt and if so what brand

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1406030141.713

If I try plain yogurt and add strawberry preserves, would it compare to the yogurts that already have "fruit?" I eat Dannon Lite Greek yogurt (strawberry) every day. I'd like to get into the plain yogurt and add my own flavoring. How would that compare? Continue Reading


Re: My tomato plant seems to have a fungus.

In In the Garden 1405963208

Is there such a thing as "root rot" "" for tomatoes? Continue Reading


Re: Anybody have a yogurt maker? I'm thinking about getting one.

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1405688612.57

I saw a yogurt maker on HSN that I'm tempted to buy. Let us know if you decide on one and how the yogurt turns out. I just acquired a taste for yogurt recently and I love the Dannon Greek yogurt in the strawberry flavor . Continue Reading

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