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philosophy discontinuing foundations

I can't believe they are doing this again.  They were always good at discontinuing once you like some product in makeup.  Well I was told that they are discontining all color makeup.  All their foundations will be no more.  I thought a lot of women loved their foundations.  If you do, you need to complain on their website.

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Re: philosophy discontinuing foundations

I have been disappointed by philosophy discontinuing products.  One of my most favorite were the micro delivery mini peel pads.  I just loved those and used them regularly.  Went to do a reorder and they are gone.  Same with some of their nice fragrances.  I just stopped using their products as I am afraid I will like something just for it to be discontinued.  

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Re: philosophy discontinuing foundations

They did it to me too...  hate Purity cleanser but loved the scrub exfol face wash.  4 years later I'm still searching for a replacement.  That was the only "P" product I used - and they did away with it.  Never try another of their products - here today.....gone tomorrow.

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Re: philosophy discontinuing foundations

Do you mean the microdelivery wash?  QVC still sells it in 32 oz supersize.  MCD doesn't have the "purity" branding on it.