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I recorded today's show and just watched it. Saw that they had a shampoo & conditioner combo (not Splendor).

Has anyone tried these? I never bought the Splendor because I read too many reviews that the shampoo was too drying, but it was stated that these were moisturizing.

Any reviews?
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I purchased the lemon fragrance about a year ago.  I absolutely love Philosophy shampoos.  I have fine dry hair.  It is graying which has given my hair a different texture.   The Philosophy hair products get my hair very, very clean.  The conditioner is amazing.  My hair is extremely soft and is not fly away.  The best part is I wash my hair less often because it works so well.  It works great for me.

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I like splendor.  It's more than I like to spend, so I order it when it's on a special.  I have an amazing grace set and like it.  For me, the bottle is going to last forever.  I'm not fond of super size containers because of that.

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If you are referring to the Grace and Love shampoo/conditioner set, yes I have used them.  The original formulas.  I'm not sure these are the same ingredients since there was no mention of it.


I have the Amazing Grace set right now that was offered last year as an anniversary special.  I like them both--the shampoo is a bit drying, but the conditioner is wonderful.  The scent in the conditioner is like the original Amazing Grace scent: soft and sweet, not harsh like the version they have now in the fragrances.


But my favorite was always the Pure Grace combo.  The shampoo was creamy, like the Pure Grace 3-in-1, not drying at all.  And the conditioner was to die for, made my hair very soft and easy to comb through.  I was bereft when it was discontinued.  


As I say though, whether these sets are the same as the originals, I don't know.

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I just saw today they're also coming out with an amazing grace dry shampoo!

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@Ladybug837 wrote:

I just saw today they're also coming out with an amazing grace dry shampoo!



The dry shampoo is available in Amazing Grace and Pure Grace. Sold in a duo set. 

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Re: Shampoo & Conditioner

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Used Shear Splendor  solely before they discontinued it and loved it. I'm now a WEN user & prefer it but Shear Splendor would be my choice if for some reason stopped using WEN. The only reason stopped using SS because it was discontinued and now have a new routine. It lasts forever. remember a 16oz bottle would lasts me a few months. My hair was healthy, shiny and little breakage. I have a lot of hair, fine and can get fuzzy. It never dried out my hair.  Haven't tried it since its returned. Hopefully philosophy hasn't short cut and made it less effective like they have their other products lately. 

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AG shampoo and conditioner is amazing!! I swear their conditioner is the best.  I have also used Shear Splendor but in my opinion the AG is so much better.  I haven't tried the other scents.