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Re: New Scent with Philosophy

I am obsessed with Nude Rose.  It is amazing.  I do hope it sticks around!

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Re: New Scent with Philosophy

I received the Ballet Rose Trio today.  To me it was strong, and if there is Rose in it?  I could not smell it.  It's going back.  I am on waitlist for the Nude Rose, and hope this one is a keeper.  From reading the posts here, seems like the Nude Rose is the prefered scent.  Fingers Crossed.  

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Re: New Scent with Philosophy

I'm not a huge Philosophy fan, and for sure not a fragrance fan. Pure Grace is the only Philosophy fragrance I like whne I use their lotion or body wash.


I was recently given a bottle of Pure Grace Nude Rose, however, and I just love it. It lasts pretty well, I think, and it smells like roses, but also sort of like pure grace. Not your grandmother's rose talcum powder! I have been wearing it even when I'm not going out, just enjoying it for myself. 


I have since then seen the ballet rose in stores, and I agree it doesn't particularly remind me of roses. I don't care for Amazing Grace anyway.

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