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I picked up a Fresh Cream rollerball from Sephora and I love it!  I'd tried the spray version and it was too much for me, just a bit too strong.  With the rollerball I can put just a touch on my wrists and on my neck and it's perfect, just a hint of pretty fragrance.  I thought I'd mention it just in case there are others out there like me who like Fresh Cream and would like to wear it but felt a little overpowered by it.  It's nice to have options.  Smiley Happy   

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I will check it out, I also prefer a Rollerball for any Scent if offered!!

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Fresh Cream is my all time favorite. Thank you for letting us know Sephora has it available. I have been looking at the set that QVC has. 

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I didn't know there was a rollerball! Thanks for the review. I like rollerballs. They're affordable and easy to store and use.

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Fresh Cream is so yummy! I like the spray, but the rollerball would be great as well. I need to pick up a mask today from Sephora so I will see if ours has it. Thanks!

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I purchased the rollerball at Sephora and I love it too.  It's perfect for keeping in my makeup bag in my purse.  I'm a Fresh Cream superfan so I was thrilled to see this!!