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Christina will be calling in during the 2-4pm show on July 6. On the home page there is a philosophy promo for the month long free shipping that directs you to show times. That is where the note about Christina is listed.

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I remember her well.  That was the beginning of selling Philosophy on the Q.  I bought so many items then !  Now and for awhile I hardly buy anything, not because I don't like the product but I don't need it.  Her appearances seem so long ago.

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@FlyersGirl  I LOVED watching Christina Carlino present her products.  She drew me to the brand.  I will be watching the show or recording it.  

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I heard on the news Coty will be getting rid of many of the companies they bought out.



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I ❤️ watching Christina.  She was a good skin care teacher, much like Chaz Dean is with hair care.  She is the reason I started using Philosophy.  She always gave the technical details (vs. fluffy, full of silly non-descript adjectives) to describe how the product ingredients help our skin.

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I love Christina and missed her when she left.   Will be watching and dvr it.  I hope she will come to the Q in person one day soon.

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Does anyone know which show Christina will call in on, or did I already miss it?

It isn’t how long you live that matters; it is how well you are prepared to die.
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I will be watching!


I liked Cristina so much!  She gave such helpful tips.  She was wonderful.  And her fragrances were THE BEST!   I would watch every time she was on.  She was lovely and I feel strongly that she was very honest.


Coty has really ruined most of Philosophy for me!   


This is where I go on my shpiel---


1.  The Bubbly shower gel I bought in quantities cannot be found:  Why, oh why??    I think they still have it, maybe, in the overly-priced set of 3 in a box with Melon Dacquiri and Senorita Margarita (both good ones).


2)  What happened to the original scents that induced many people to ask what it was I was wearing.  The Pure Grace was beautiful, also.   Something is missing here!  a. Cristina  b. Pheromones. 


3)  Cristina's makeup tips were great.  I still use the serum.  She had some great products.  Save Me was fabulous.  


4)  I am  sure she started another company.  She is a true visionary. How I wish she would take over the line again.   



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Does everyone know about her website, archetypes DOT com, where she was offering a number of fragrances to match with your archetype?

There's a fun quiz to help you decide.  It gives your top three results.


I wonder why they aren't offering the perfume any longer.

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