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Are Philosophy AG creams/emulsions moisturizing?

I was introduced Philosophy just a couple of months ago trying the Fresh Cream shower gel and cloud cream which both made my skin feel like silk.

I've now ventured into then Amazing Grace collections. The shower gel is great but not loving the moisturizers at all. They don't feel moisturizing at all if anything it's drying out my hands terribly, turning the white.

Anyone else experiencing this? Or how moisturizing are these creams?
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Re: Are Philosophy AG creams/emulsions moisturizing?

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I've had Philosophy creams, Pure Grace, AG, FIL, Fresh Cream, over the years, and find them to be nice. They seem to moisturize, and they smell nice for a while...sometimes, more than other times (Philosophy is touch and go these days with "fragrances lasting.")


The only one I currently have is an older Pure Grace, I've yet to use up (just been using some other products, currently.)


I did get a Snow Angel "Cloud Cream" in a SA set a few years ago...that was nice. But does not last as long before it seems to turn color...I think those little "beads" in that affects the cream over time. The regular creams last fine for years.


All that said...I've also used Josie Maran's Body Butters, and find those to be the best...the most emollient and moisturizing in that QVC category, to me. More lasting, rich moisture...that's been my experience with them, vs. the Philosophy creams. And her fragrances are delightful. 


Hope that helps.

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Re: Are Philosophy AG creams/emulsions moisturizing?

I've been using Philosophy Field of Flowers body lotion after my shower for years and love how well it moisturizes. I've got some Pure Grace lotions set aside for when I can't find Field of Flowers anymore, but I haven't had to use it yet. I think the Philosophy body lotions work better than L'Occitane's lotions. 

I prefer L'Occitane's shea butter body butter after shaving my legs. It's very rich and prevents scaling that can occur after shaving, but it's too thick to wear during the day. I understand the formula has changed and that it's not as good as it once was. I've got a stash set aside that will last for awhile, but I'll be looking for a replacement once that's gone. 

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Re: Are Philosophy AG creams/emulsions moisturizing?

No, my experience is that they're not moisturizing. I do like their body wash though. I also like Purity Made Simple.


I'm with @amyb and like JM body butters and feel they do a great job moisturizing. I have also been using her Everybody Wash Now. They are very moisturizing and the scents are nice too.