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2 that still smell !



Received 2 orders today ~ one from Macy's and one for QVC


Macy's 8oz lotion and 2 oz EDP of Nude Rose ~ they had a sale on gift boxes ~it was only $24.50 


Q~ 32 oz body wash, 16 oz souffle and 4 oz EDT of Snow Angel  $59.99



After a few hours I can still smell both !


I had never tried either 


Nude Rose ~ I dont really smell the rose ~ I feel its more of a powdery smell


Snow Angel ~ I thought reviews said it smelled a little sweet ~ I dont get that at all ~ I really could not describe it ~ but at first I was not sure but now its really growing  on me ~ (kind of like some of WEN scents ~ at first I am thinking its not me ~ then after a while think  to myself  i really like this ~