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What's up with Bare Minerals and the Q?

Once again, another Bare MInerals show has been canceled. Yesterday's show, scheduled for 5am (notice the time? They usually get the 1-5 am timeslots while other brands get more prominent scheduling in primetime, including 2-hour shows, even when they're not a TSV) was canceled and replaced with an IT show (which just showed the same old stuff). And that was the only Bare Minerals show scheduled for the entire month of December.


How I long for days when Leslie was still with the company, when we'd get a day of shows every month, some of them 2 hours long, with new products, new configurations, and a lot of excitement. We'd get at least three TSVs (the 10-piece Holiday TSV in November, a jumbo faux tan TSV in the spring, and another 10-piece makeup kit in January (this one featuring foundation and a good-sized makeup case that you could actually use).


And the anniversary shows every spring -- they  were two days of amazing deals that sold out during the presentations (like the big daddy expandable makeup case that sold out within ten minutes at 10pm on a Friday night -- though that wasn't a feature of one of the anniversary shows). All sadly relegated to the past.


Now we're lucky if we get one show a month, and it's the same old, same old. Loose minerals? With few exceptions, those have gone by the wayside. No -- we get BarePro, BareSkin, and Complexion Rescue over and over again. No thanks. There was no holiday TSV this year, either -- something I've been buying since 2004. No supersize Mineral Veil this year, and the deluxe Bisques that were supposed to be on this month haven't appeared.


Damned shame. 

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Re: What's up with Bare Minerals and the Q?

IT is the cosmetic company for the time being for the Q, until something better comes along.  You rarely see Mally or Tarte either - they have all gone by the Q wayside. 

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Re: What's up with Bare Minerals and the Q?

Sales fall on the Q and you slide to the back of the line....  Sales go up on the Q and you're on day and night....  

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Re: What's up with Bare Minerals and the Q?

Back when there were a lot of BM shows on Q, and Leslie owned the company, there were very few other places you could purchase BM, so people shopped here. Now they have their own stores and products are sold at Sephora, Ulta, Macy's, and many more stores and websites. Why would people shop for BM here when the same products are available with free shipping, coupons, deals and bonus points at so many other retailers?

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Re: What's up with Bare Minerals and the Q?

It cosmetics seems to be the beauty company in today's time.  Also, I think Lisa Robertson was the big push for Bare Minerals.  She and the Bare Minerals founder (Leslie) are very close friends.

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Re: What's up with Bare Minerals and the Q?

Not only are there very few BM on air shows, there's nothing special online. Maybe it's being phased out. If I need something, I go to their website or brave the crowds at the mall and shop their boutique. BTW, SEPHORA & ULTA also now has limited inventory.


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Re: What's up with Bare Minerals and the Q?

I agree that the presence of Bare Minerals, and Tarte, at so many retailers probably affected their QVC sales more than a change in ownership.  In the Chicago area their counters are still humming along, although the boutique which was in one of the downtown malls closed a while ago.  One of our Ultas actually expanded their BM section in 2016.  

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Re: What's up with Bare Minerals and the Q?

Kathy....I AGREE ! I have been waiting for the "supersize Bisque" no avail. Ever since Leslie sold her company......the "new management" appears to be ignorant of the huge number of Bare Mineral women who have been LOYAL customers for years. I am particularly annoyed that QVC doesn't feel that it owes their customers some type of explanation. However, this is nothing new...merely a repeat of their past posture......remember the Polish dishes?..They disappeared overnight despite the HUGE shows and continuous sell-outs. AND, we experienced a Luminara "dry spell". Yes, they eventually came back.....but, we never received an explanation or comment from QVC. C'mon QVC....step up your game and respect your customers.

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Re: What's up with Bare Minerals and the Q?

Go to the bareMinerals website they are having some amazing sales!  Right now spend $50 and get any full size product of your choice.  Plus there are holiday sets!


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Re: What's up with Bare Minerals and the Q?


 Bare Minerals .... online and in stores


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I purchased several Deluxe Collector's Edition


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