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Re: What's up with Bare Minerals and the Q?

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Back when there were a lot of BM shows on Q, and Leslie owned the company, there were very few other places you could purchase BM, so people shopped here. Now they have their own stores and products are sold at Sephora, Ulta, Macy's, and many more stores and websites. Why would people shop for BM here when the same products are available with free shipping, coupons, deals and bonus points at so many other retailers?

@Dorothy11  Because even with the S&H charges - which were more than $3 back then - you couldn't be the prices on the kits made for QVC and esp. the TSVs.  Oh how I loved the holiday TSVs from BM! I'm still using mine.

I loved their holiday TSVs too.  I remember when their TSVs were way under $50.  and contained several items.  Those were the days!   I haven't purchased much BE in the last several years.  Just received the "invisible light" set today though and will try it.    I had used BE for 8-10 years and then stopped when it no longer seemed to look good on me.  I don't think the presentations are interesting any more either so I seldom watch.  I think QVC  doesn't sell as much now since you can buy BE all over and many places offer free shipping and you can see it in person in the stores.