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Bareminerals BarePro Powder Smells Bad

Before I throw this in the garbage, I'm wondering if anyone else has this same problem. My compact is not that old but it has the worst musty smell. I did not use it wet so that is not the reason. Because of the smell, it doesn't feel clean when I apply it. Way too late to return. Is this common? 

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Re: Bareminerals BarePro Powder Smells Bad

Is it possible your brushes needed to be cleaned and something transfered onto your compact?  I would suggest wiping the top layer with a tissue and see if that helps.  If you have a BareEscentuals Boutique near you, or a retailer that sells BareMinerals, it might be worth taking your compact there and asking.  The Boutiques in particular are quite helpful.


I have been using BareMinerals for over 20 years and never had a problem like that with any of their makeup.