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As I’m reading all of these messages, I’m kind of thinking QVC thinks these forums are just for folks to discuss among themselves.  Yet, that isn’t really what I’m hearing that folks want QVC to do.  I took the extra step to send a note to QVC by going to the bottom of any page, click on Contact Us (NOT feedback) and wrote pretty much the same thing I commented upon earlier today.  I got a reply back saying they would send on my viewpoint to the right department.  I think the only way we are going to get QVC’s attention is to do the “Contact Us” route.  You might want to consider doing the same thing and maybe QVC will actually listen - ‘cause I don’t think they did today through their offerings.  That said, I appreciate hearing what others are saying so don’t stop posting here either!  :-)

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@KTexas wrote:

The BareMinerals Bisque Supersize (A352353) just went from .21 oz of product to .14 oz of product.  They reduced the price from $38 to $36.50.  With the reduction of amount, they have essentially increased the cost by 33%.   They could have gotten rid of the brush, as someone else said about another product, rather than reduce the amount of actual product but they didn’t.


If I wait for the Ulta coupon that comes a couple of times a year, it will be cheaper to buy the regular size from Ulta than QVC’s newest Supersize “deal”.  Why QVC wants to lose my business, I don’t understand.  BareMinerals may not be their best seller any longer but it is a reason that long time customers keep coming back to QVC.  Why is that not important to QVC?

too busy chasing the elusive younger customer among many reason.


people who decide what sells probably never really use the product, just look at it from a sales point