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I have been waiting for the Bare Minerals TSV that was recently on QVC.  My box came today but it did not contain either of the TSVs that I had ordered.  I had 2 orders, one in Fair and the other in Medium.  Instead my package contained another item I had ordered and a pair of tennis shoes and a pair of slippers which I did not order.  I called customer service and I will return the shoes and slippers but I probably won't be getting my TSVs of Bare Minerals.  They are out-of-stock as of right now.  One of them was to be a Christmas gift for my daughter.  I was so excited about receiving the diamond mineral veil that was brought back out of the vault.  I love that product and I did chose autoship but regardless, this seems to be quite an error in the shipping department.  My sister just received her order today and it was the wrong color of makeup.  I love QVC and have been a customer for over 20 years so I hope these errors can be corrected.  

Thank you!

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Wowza! What a surprise for you. Contact CS or go to the Customer Care topic on this forum and get this corrected. What a disappointmentSmiley Sad(((( 

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@Quinta   Boy do I feel your disappointment and pain. Not only does this kind of bs service makes us sad but it also totally pisses us off. I don't care how big or small of a company you are, this is totally uncalled for. 


How does this happen? Somehow labels are printed out by someone who inputs your/our info for what we just ordered, someone else (or a robot) goes out to some wharehouse to pull the product(s), bags it up, slaps on that label and out the goods go.  


Who keys in the info of what products we ordered to make sure it reads correctly? And then there are the labels that DO read right but the wrong items pulled for your package? 


Like you, I don't get this either. Yes this same stuff has happened to me too, not oft but it has. I look at the label, yes it's right but the goods do not match my slip. 


Where's the customer control in such mishaps? Doesn't anybody check the label and the goods to make certain everything matches up?


Yes I know this company is HUGE with warehouses everywhere. However, this now puts the total burden on the consumer. (1) we didn't get what we ordered, and (2) now WE have to be the ones to clean up this mess. (3) Now whatever we ordered we do not have and (4) MOST importantly, what we ordered is oh per CS after we've needed to spend time calling, live chatting with someone "I'm sorry this happened but what you ordered IS OUT OF STOCK".


All this and we're still stuck with goods that someone else is waiting for because you now have their order and they do not, but YOU now need to make the wrong goods go away by means of YOUR time to bag up the stuff and get it out of your house. All of this  = BS.

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My Bare Minerals TSV order is back ordered. I really don't get this, I ordered this about 2 mitues after midnight, they were not sold out for most of the day, how is the person that orders TSV a midnight on backorder?!? Shouldn't theses be fulfilled in the order that they were received on the day of the TSV, if my color was available most of the day why is my "midnight on day of TSV" order not available?