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I'm going to try the IT TSV. I'm currently using BE Original in Fairly Light. What shade would I order in the Celebration Foundation?
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I would say the Fair.  I use medium and medium tan in BE and use medium in IT.

I really like the IT makeup that has the little sponge in the compact.  It goes on very nice and looks very natural.  I also use the BE Complextion Rescue and like that.  It really is a toss up as to which I like so I use both depending on how I feel that day.  I will say if I am going out to someplace special I still fall back on my BE, it never fails.

Good luck

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I agree, fair would be closest.  It's closer to neutral like BE fairly-light is.

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I know that I'm too late to respond for the tsv but I had to comment.   Fairly light is perfect for me,  but there are no IT colors that work for me.   The fair is to light and the light is too dark and too yellow.  I wear the IT cc cream and have to mix those two colors. I cannot wear the powder foundation because it's hard to mix the two colors. ...believe me, I've tried!