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i am having ahard time with a detached retina.  i have had two operations and the dr can't seem to give me a direct answere to my concerns.  i am getting a second opionion on friday.


but when i search the dr who is treating me, i can find no reviews of any kind.  all i can find is where he graduated from and where he did his residency.  it seems he has been in pratice less then two years.


i feel i am getting the brush off when i ask questions.  he just evades the direct questions.


what do you think?

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Time to find a new doctor...especially with something as critical as your eyesight.  You need someone you can communicate with and feel comfortable.  

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Re: would this concern you

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ALWAYS get a second--and even a third--opinion when it comes to a serious condition!!!! It can't hurt and you might find a doctor you really like that has answers to your questions--the RIGHT answers.


Five years ago I went for a second opinion as my cancer was spreading---I'm here today because of the miracles my second opinion suggested--YAY for Sloan-Kettering Memorial Cancer Center!! Best thing I ever did!! I was able to have much much less harsh treatment and now my cancer is in remission!!


My husband needed esophageal surgery for a rare condition--saw one surgeon that did not impress us--he didn't have enough experience even though he was an older surgeon---sought a second opinion from a younger surgeon who had twice the experience the first surgeon did--we got a good feeling from him and my husband had his surgery last year with this second opinion surgeon---that surgeon was GREAT--and his surgery was successful.


Please go see another doctor--the one you've put your trust in is not the one for you in my opinion.


Good luck and God bless!!


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@shortbreadlover  I'm sorry your eye is still giving you problems. I agree with others about getting a second opinion. One of my children had eye surgery when they were growing up and I sought the advice of several doctors before doing anything.

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If it gives you cause for concern or a bad feeling in your gut, trust yourself. Your health is in your own hands. Make sure you feel comfortable with your doctor. Good luck to you and I hope you get it resolved. I had a bad feeling about a doc I went to for the first time  and continued seeing her out of laziness to find another, and she ended up treating me very poorly and compromised my health with bad decisions. I should have trusted my gut on visit #1 and made a better decision.

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@Grouchomarx  is right....always trust your gut.  It's your brain trying to tell you something.


Whenever I've ignored that other part of my brain (the paranoid one), I usually regret it.


You've been given excellent advice from these wonderful people.  Please listen to them and (more to the point) to your own brain.......

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Retinal detachment repairs take a long time to heal. A VERY long time to heal. I had a pneumatic retinoplexy (cold laser, followed by gas bubble placement) a little over 5 years ago. It failed and the retina started to lift again, so I had a vitrectomy, hot laser repair and gas bubble placement about 3 weeks later. That was followed by 12 days of that special hell known as "face down" posturing. I also developed a very minor epiretinal membrane in that eye, due to the fact that I was very young to have this happen and healed much more quickly than most people do. One year later, I had cataract surgery in that eye. You WILL develop a cataract in the eye with the detachment, and it will develop quickly. Although I wear multi-focal contact lenses, I have 20-20 distance vision in that eye with no correction. But it took A LONG TIME to get to that point and we opted not to remove the membrane. Before I had the cataract that developed (and again, you WILL get one) removed, the uncorrected vision in that eye was 20-400. I still have some peripheral flashes in that eye, but my brain has learned to ignore them. I still have to see my opthamologist every 6 months, but that should end with my next visit. 


If you've lost confidence in your retinal specialst, by all means, seek a second opinion. But you also have to be patient with the recovery.  There are at least 2 closed Facebook support groups that I'm aware of for those who are going thru this. You might look in to one of those. 

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I think your doctor is young, inexperienced, and does not have enough hands-on experience to give you anything but a textbook answer.   You are getting the brush off because this man does not have a clue as to the outcome of your situation, and feels it is best to say nothing.


You had a less than perfect outcome with both procedures.  All your Dr knows to do is give you time to heal and determine where you stand at that time.   I think you are a guinea pig patient for this man.

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ANY doctor that even gives me the impression he is going to brush off ANY question I might have? I don't care how many credentials he has or his specialty, he would hear me loud and clear. First time he avoided a question, he would not get out of the room without hearing me. If he did, I would follow him, talking very loudly about why he is no longer my doctor.


I have given more than a GP the boot when the rubbed me the wrong way.


YES, it would concern me!





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If you are not comfortable with what you are being told (or not told) then you need to move on for your own peace of mind.


i am in the process of finding a new oncologist for the same type of reason.


Good luck.