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Re: who knew!. Flex bands

@FrostyBabe1 wrote:

We use these quite a bit in my bootcamp class, mostly for things like monster squats or squat ladders. I have a set that I tuck in my bag when I travel so I can do some resistance training anywhere. I also have a longer, open one that I use for arm work. It's not nearly the workout that lifting provides, but in a pinch it's better than nothing. 



Add a jump rope (along with the Bands) in your bag and there

you have a Total Body “Gym”  that costs almost nothing

and takes up no room!


I use the outdoors as my personal gym, by *curb-stepping*, jumping rope,

jogging.....for strength training I do *dips* on railings, push-ups against 

walls and other various excercises.


As I’m going along, I’m scanning for another *spot* to use as a piece of gym equipment.


Ive been doing so-called “Muscle-Confusion” work outs for decades, only I

did it for myself and didn’t know it would become a Big Thing!


Same with jumping rope. I’ve been “swinging” it outdoors for 40+ years and always wondered why no one else was doing it,,


Now it’s a Big Thing, with Classes, Videos and competitions!


Sigh....I’m always too early, or too late!  lol

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Re: who knew!. Flex bands

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One of the best things I ever bought is that Nano Gym exercise chair with the resistance bands. I use it everyday and I can truly say it works!


It's $80 at Walmart and it always sells out!

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Re: who knew!. Flex bands

I, too love the nano gym. Great quality.