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I would do all that you are doing and if it doesn't resolve itself in a few days, I'd go to see my doctor because people do get salivary gland infections that call for antibiotics.  It's actually quite common, I work in healthcare and I see it all the time.  Also, people can get stones...similar to gallstones...that block the gland.

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Just an update since you were all so kind to share your thoughts....



I made an appointment with my dentist for this coming Thursday  to see if this swelling is tooth related first.  I would have gone tomorrow, Wednesday, but,  I am scheduled for a Posterior capsule opacity (PCO)  correction in both eyes after having cataract surgery a year ago and do not want to cancel the appointment.  Takes forever to get in for that!


If this swelling in my left jaw is not tooth related....then I will go see my Doctor to find out if it is something else. 


Usually for me, I get a tooth ache first, and then my face swells up...I know it is a I really do not know if it is a tooth as I have no discomfort at this time with my teeth. So that's why I assumed it was a gland swelling for some other reason.


i will let you know what the dentist thinks after seeing him on Thursday.

It can often be a salivary "stone", kind of like a tiny kidney stone, formed  and lodged in the salivary  duct...

My DH used to have this problem when he was much younger - 20s, 30s and 40s.  A stone would form and it would sometimes get infected.  Much pain until it passed, and often an antibiotic was needed to bring down the swelling so that the stone could pass.  Finally, that salivary gland had to be removed when he was in his forties.  He now has a lot less saliva in his mouth and is always adding sauces to his food because it is too dry for him.  Removing the gland is a last ditch remedy only used when someone has a chronic issue with stones.

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UPDATE.  4/26/19


So, I went to my regular dentist yesterday and they took X-rays of my molars on the left lower jaw...everything looked good.  I have no tooth pain, so that pretty much rules out teeth causing the swollen gland.  


I also went to a  surgical dentist  yesterday that is down the road from my regular dentist that had seen two weeks ago where  He preformed a tiny cheek biopsy per request by my regular dentist, ( biopsy was found negative for any bad cells)  The biopsy was taken  on the same area... inner  left cheek where swelling  is.  That surgeon dentist said that yes...bacteria could have remained during the healing and my body was fighting the infection thus the swollen gland.  He prescribed penicillin.  So, that  is where I am at. 




He said that my body was fighting the infection and really there was not much more that could be done.  So, I take the penicillin for 10 days and hopefully that will be enough to help my body fight off the mild infection. I have no redness....just the swellingand discomfort in the cheek. 


So will I'll let you know how I am here in the coming days🙂 ~Sea Maiden~