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@scottygirl, thanks so much for the tip about armica cream. I have some on hand so I'll give it a try.


I have an auto immune disorder as well and I spoke to my pcp about the solution they use on both spider and vericose veins. He had no problem with me seeking treatment going that route.


My grandmother suffered from them terribly. Mine aren't nearly as bad as my sisters but I still want to get them done. If ins doesn't cover it then that's okay, too. Anymore I could care less about what my ins wants me to do with my quality of life.

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Re: spider veins

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@freakygirl wrote:

hi ladies! 

has anyone here ever undergone laser vein removal? mine are getting more and more and it's quite unsightly. 

i need to know if it works and if it's very expensive. 

thanx in advance!



@freakygirl, I've known several women who have had laser treatments to remove spider veins. They all said it did not work. I had my spider veins removed by sclerotherapy. A saline solution is injected and the spider veins dry up and disappear after about a week of wearing compression bandages.  Mine was for cosmetic reasons so it cost about six hundred dollars paid in advance. I was very pleased with the results!

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silver lining,thank you! good to know that a treatment actually works! I will definitely look into it. my veins don't bother me in anyway way other than I hate the way they look and make me conscious when I'm in shorts. 

i will inquire if insurance will comer at least some of it. 

thanx again Smiley Happy