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hi ladies! 

has anyone here ever undergone laser vein removal? mine are getting more and more and it's quite unsightly. 

i need to know if it works and if it's very expensive. 

thanx in advance!


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I know two people who went through spider vein removal and neither had good success.

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I've been considering it too, as my legs have become an embarrasment to me. I have not heard or seen any fabulous results by anyone, so I've been trying some alternative treatments on my own. My best success so far has been a topical mixture of Arnica gel (OTC at any drugstore) mixed with Isomers Vit. K serum. I take 'Invite' vitamins  Veins HX orally (no, I do not sell, own or recieve any compensation from this company. They are a USA brand of high, standardised quality) So far, I have seen an improvement in the once dark purple veins that have lightened considerably. I have also started using  this topical under my eyes and on broken caps around my nose with good success. Nothing has been eradicated, nor did I expect that, but the results are truly measurable! I hope this helps anyone struggling with this problem I've been battling for years.

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I had to see a wound care Dr for an auto immune problem and the topic of vein removal was thrown in by the referral Dr.  I wasn't remotely considering it, but the wound care Dr was totally against it.  He said he treats a lot of those patients a couple years down the road.

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I asked a doctor about it, he advised to leave them alone.  He said I might get rid of those, but the blood flow would force others to take their place.

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Re: spider veins

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I have had vein treatment so my legs with great success.


To begin with, I had more than spider veins.  Much worse.  It is often hereditary.  And what you see on the surface is only indicative of what is going on deeper in your legs.

And it will never get better, only worse and set you up for some very serious problems down the road.


It reached the point where I was in a lot of pain, especially in hot, humid weather.  So it was not a cosmetic issue.  A true medical problem.  My GP referred me to a vein clinic, where procedures are done by an interventional radiologist.  My insurance covered these procedures.  Not a lot of fun, but nowhere near as bad as I anticipated.


I had many treatments, afterwards wearing surgical stockings for a while.  What a difference this has made in my life.  My legs are pain-free and, as a bonus, they look good.


The thing I would stress is to go to the proper place for treatment.  Get good referrals and talk to people.  You would be surprised at the number of people who have this problem.


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many thanx to everyone who replied. it's disheartening to know that some doctors actually advised against the procedure. I use dermablend to cover it up when I'm wearing shorts, but when you don't blend it in well, it's pretty obvious. 

yes, unfortunately it is hereditary, and my mom's could rival the atlas (!) so yeah, my aging legs will probably help someone find his way around the world! lol!

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A gentle self tanning agent helps to difuse the look of the veins.... Woman Happy

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Had a few big ones done, & it did relieve my pain, they then wanted to do some of the spider veins, I went along with it a few times but then decided not to got further, they kept "pushing" but I stopped & am happy with it, yes I do have the spider veins but they don't cause pain

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I had some large veins removed by a Vein Clinic, they used injections. It was painless (felt a minor pin ******), immediate, just a little bruising in some places that was gone in a few days. I had to have a few treatments. What a difference it made and they never came back. If I see any new ones starting, I can go back for a touch-up..  Best part, insurance paid for it!!!