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My doctor has me very afraid of food contents, so much so I have a appetite problem.

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@becca lou wrote:

My doctor has me very afraid of food contents, so much so I have a appetite problem.

Your doctor has you afraid of food?? Why? Additives? The pandemic? I can't imagine an MD making someone afraid of food. You need to elaborate a bit more. 

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Begin with baby steps. Buy food in its most natural state rather than prepared or processed. Buy your favorites so you will want to eat them. Avoid dining out until you have regained control over your fear.

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Is there a reason your md is discussing food with you?

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Change doctors!

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Re: " Fear of Food "

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Is it possible you misunderstood him?  If he’s warning you about chemicals and unhealthy additives, it may be a wake up call if you’re consuming a lot of them in your diet.  Could he be encouraging you eliminate processed foods and eat more whole, fresh foods?  That’s a good thing. 

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@becca louWhat's his number, I could use a few months with a fear of food.

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Doctors don't get much education in NUTRITION.....

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Why not ask again about the restrictions?  Are they for a medical condition or due to a prescription?  Could there be a misunderstanding?

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@becca lou The loss of your husband can also cause you to lose your appetite. I am so sorry for your loss Heart