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anyone familiar with this

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I'm not.  But, when in question Google.

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The mother of one of my former bosses was diagnosed with a cyst on her pancreas.   Her testing only revealed a suspicious growth, but during surgery to remove it, the final diagnosis was a benign cyst.  This lady was in her late 70's when she went thru this, and lived another 10 years without any problems.   

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DH had bladder CA in 1992. As part of his pre-op workup he had CT scans of his abdomen, etc.  This showed "growths" on his liver and pancreas.

When the day of surgery came to remove his bladder, the growths turned out to be cysts which are sacs filled with fluid.  The urologist said it's not uncommon for people to have cysts in these areas.

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I have just been told I have 2 very small pancreatic cysts. I am going to be scheduled for an endoscopic ultrasound with a fine needle aspiration to make sure they are just cysts. They were also found during an mri ordered to follow up on an ultrasound that revealed cysts or hemangiomas on my liver and it all started due to elevated alkaline phosphatase (mildly and if a different lab read the blood work, it may have been in normal range since the reference range could be up to 145.