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Re: lisa mason and gino.....update for 10/1/15

Thank you Sunshine for passing this on.  I have contacted some people I know who maybe can shed some light on this issue for us as to why they don't test for this deficiency.  Don't know if I will find out anything but will pass it on if I do.



My GUESS is that it could be for one of several reasons. 

1. cost of the test (this was suggested elsewhere and is not my own thought)

2. If 5fu is what you need and there is no other option then this complication is rare and would fall under all the other chemo warnings.

3. there may not be time to do this testing. that would have been the case for my mother.  She had to start treatment the very day of diagnosis or else. It bought her some time.


This is a reminder that in cancer treatment it is so important to do your own research IF you have time to do it.  Research will enable a person to know what questions to ask if nothing else. 


My heart breaks for Lisa.