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Does anyone have a lipoma?  I recently developed one in my inner thigh after running.  I   thought I had a pulled muscle but found out it was a lipoma.  I want to have it removed as it is large.  I'm afraid there would need to be a large incision and many stitches.  Does anyone know if there is a less invasive way of removing it.

I can't wear a bathing suit because it protrudes out from my thigh.  I really would like to have it taken out.

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@pprmntstx If you've never watched Dr. Pimple Popper she removes these all the time. There are various techniques depending on the size and location of the lipoma.


I would suggest you talk to an experienced doctor who does this and discuss options for removal.


I have seen so many people on this show suffer from these that I personally wouldn't care if I had one if there were stitches and a scar. You don't want to let this go too long.

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I have heard of liposuction for lipomas as well as a surgical incision.  It might be something to look into to see if you're a candidate. 
The incisions don't have to be very large to get it out though and if you have someone who is good with cosmetic surgical stitching, the scar may not be bad at all. I think overall, a scar would be easier to conceal than a larger size lipoma. 

I have one on my lower leg but it's not big enough to bother me at this point.  

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Have it taken out. I'd much rather have a scar than a huge bump growing on my leg! 

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At the very least you need it biopsied. I have a friend who recently (mid 30's) whose thigh lipoma turned out to be a form of cancer....sarcoma.


She was told for months it was nothing to worry about.

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Dr Pimple Popper and Dr Mercy on TLC remove these in their offices with just a localized numbing agent. And some they remove are absolutely huge !! They are derm docs, not even plastic surgeons.  They are filled with fat.  after watching them do it, I would not hesitate in the least to remove it. Some they have removed weight about 10 pounds. 

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I had a lipoma on my back many years ago like 40+. I was actually in the hospital for 2 nights for it.  Doubt that's the case any more.  I do have a scar but it has faded over the years and was not a problem in any case.


Yes, have it removed.  As one of my doctors told me, "If you're not born with it, it doesn't belong there."



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Removing a large lipoma will be quite an ordeal. I don't think a large one can be removed simply or in an office setting. I wouldn't advise it. The whole process from surgery day to back to normal takes 6-8 weeks. Please make sure you have a qualified surgeon and have plans in place for your recovery. 


My sister had a large lipoma removed from her upper leg last year. An orthopedic surgeon removed it in the hospital under general anesthesia in an operating room. Her incision was about 12 inches long. She was told she could stay overnight at the hospital or go home. She decided to come home, but she could not take care of herself. 


She had a drainage tube connected to a bulb that had to be emptied a few times each day. She couldn't walk or stand on that leg even with crutches. It was too painful.

She needed lots of help with everything from preparing a meal to basic hygiene so my other sister and I took turns staying with her during the day and overnight. 


We did this for one week until she went back to the surgeon for her first post op appointment. The bandages, drainage tube, and bulb were removed at that time. Her stitches were the ones that dissolve. She was instructed how to gently cleanse the area & how to bandage it until it healed completely. 


Even though she didn't need us to be there constantly after the first surgeon post op, she still had quite a bit of pain and discomfort. She also struggled to get strength back in that leg so she could stand and walk without assistance. She needed crutches for weeks. She had 2 more post op appointments with the surgeon before he released her. 

For reference my sister was 68 when she had this surgery last year. She is in very good health otherwise. 

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@wilma I don't think anyone is advising the OP to have it done in an office, tho it's entirely possible.


What we HAVE said is to get to a doctor and get an expert opinion ASAP.

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@pprmntstx   I had a lipoma. I discovered it one day and had no idea what it could be.   So upsetting!  Mine was near the breast on the ribcage.  It was pretty small.  I went to a doctor asap to get a diagnosis/opinion.  First said it was nothing to worry about - classic lipoma.  Second doctor said the same thing.  Both also advised me not to remove it as it was small and no big deal and sometimes after removal they grow back (and have to be removed again). Said they would give their wives or daughters the same advice.   Well, honestly, that was bs.  What they didn't say was that it would probably grow, that it would be embarrassing, hard to conceal and the removal be more complicated. As unfortunately I discovered following their advice.  A small lipoma, a qualified doc would probably remove in their office.  For mine I went to a plastic surgeon who removed it in a surgical facility.  Anyway .... all went well!  I'm so happy it's gone!  I have a small straight line scar (white), it's nothing really.  I healed very well, but not overnight.  I guess my doc. had to rebuild some muscle or something, those lipomas can go deep and attach to things  (again, those original doctors said nothing about any of this!) .  You could go to different types of doctors for the removal - plastic surgeon, dermatologist, etc. but I would say the most important thing for choosing is to find a doctor who has good experience with lipoma removals.  Look for reviews.  Preferably pictures too.