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Hi @LilacTree,


I miss you too, and am thinking of you...Heart


Just wanted to let you know that.


I'm glad that you're feeling better, and I'm sending positive thoughts and prayers your way that you'll continue to feel better as each day goes by! Smiley Happy

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    @LilacTree    LilacTree, we do miss you and hope  you are on the good path to recovery!  Thank you so much for letting us know what is going on.  We do care. 

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open to interpretation but I know that he really rings your bell, JSS  Woman Wink    November 06, 2018 11:00 AM

He’s an actor, a pro kickboxer, a deejay, a rapper and a clothing designer — so it’s no surprise this year’s S*xiest Man Alive, Idris Elba, likes to have a little fun.


Growing up in East London as an only child to African immigrants, Elba, 46, “was a good kid but my parents were quite strict,” he tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story. “When I was like 14, as soon as I grew a mustache basically, I was out of there.”


Attending an all-boys school was a bit of a “culture shock,” the actor insists. “It was lots of bravado, machismo, who’s bigger than who?” recalls Elba, who also played sports like football, soccer and cricket. “I was a C or B student. I couldn’t sit in a classroom for long periods of time. I’d get bored.”


Once he found fame, Elba learned the importance of being authentic. “When I meet someone, I can sort of read which part of me they want to see — if they want to see that guy on TV,” he says. “And sometimes that’s not you in real life.”


But he does admit to having a “naughty” side. “I told you my parents were strict, so there’s a rebellious side to me,” he says, laughing. “I have a little bit of an issue with authority sometimes. I’m the guy that, if it says ‘Don’t push the button,’ I’m gonna push it. I think I’m curious. Not in a risky way just like, what would happen if?”


His current go-to vice? “Whiskey might be a vice. It’s a slippery slope because it’s a very pungent alcohol,” says Elba. “When it comes to food, I could eat meat. A lot. Like steak.”


Idris Elba is PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive 2018

The actor also has 10 tattoos and could easily see himself getting more in the future. “I love my tats,” he adds. “They’re moments in my life. I have my kids’ names and symbols of my culture, being half Sierra Leonean and Ghanaian. I have a line from one of my favorite songs, ‘This train carries no wrongdoers.’ It isn’t meant to be cryptic, it’s just an idea that you can carry negativity or drop it off at the station and keep going.”

"People don't usually like to admit that luck (including timing) is a part of their good fortune."
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@LilacTreeI'm glad I visited this forum, I was just thinking about you and wondering how you are doing. I hope you continue to get better and that you have since you posted on Oct 1st. Best wishes and prayers for you.

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I, too, want to send my best wishes  to Lilac Tree and pray that her recovery is doing well. Heart

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Still thinking of you,wish you a great thanksgiving.

When you lose some one you L~O~V~E, that Memory of them, becomes a TREASURE.
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I hope that you are recovering..we miss your avid intellect and warmth!  Come back soon!

                                Love, Justice

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Thinking of you @LilacTree. Here is hoping that you are recovering nicely and feeling a lot better.


You are very much missed here. I hope that you get an I-Pad for Christmas and you can continue to recover and drop by once in awhile to update us. I selfishly would love for you to return. Your voice is very much needed here, my friend.Heart


Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours....

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@LilacTree, thinking of you.  Happy Thanksgiving.  LM

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@Lilysmom wrote:

@LilacTree, thinking of you.  Happy Thanksgiving.  LM

from me too, thinking of you.