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help with Weight Watchers Simply Filling please

I am switching from Points Plus to the new Smart Points program. I wonder how many of you are using 'simply filling' and if it is negatively affecting your weight loss (?).


If I understand this: an egg in an omelette is 2 points; eating a hard boiled egg mid day for a snack is zero points under simply filling. Seems counter-intuiitve! Obviously, a person can't eat 6 snacks of hard boiled eggs in a day and lose weight. I get that.


I have read and appreciated the other topics and comments about the new program. I have been a member on/off for many years and been through many versions. I generally avoid saturated fats, so other than curbing my Fiber One bars, I don't need to make much adjustment. The focus on sat fats and sugars is good. The extra daily points will make up for my sticking with my Kirkland yogurt/cheerios/walnuts/blueberry breakfast.


I never used my weekly extra points as it slowed my weight loss; won't use the new reduced ones either (except for some wine, LOL). I do a hard power walk daily in good weather and aim for 10,000 steps per day.


I would love to hear what you think about the simply filling part of the program. And I thank you in advance. Good luck to all of us: Weight Watchers is the bomb!



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Re: help with Weight Watchers Simply Filling please

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I gained 2 pounds my first week with Simple Filling and lost weight with points by not using activity points. 


Just quit  WW this week. A weekly  email came and one of the articles was Work hard and Believe, The lady was doing a yoga sitting pose and the underneath caption stated  If you work hard and believe you can be successful like the Wright Bros, Bill Gates and Oprah. I immediately emailed the WW computer staff  and asked if they had lost their minds that so many people work extremely hard and that most people go to WW's as a last resort.


They took down the article


The new app has not worked properly for months, they keep changing points without notice , raise prices and obviously we were paying for a new work in progress and Oprah's getting richer.  It really is not worth it to me.


The FitBit site is so much easier to manage and does the exact same thing will calories and it's. The fitbit costs about 2 months of WW.



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Re: help with Weight Watchers Simply Filling please

Simply Filling is eating power foods , and not having to track or count them as points. You can identify power foods by a green symbol I believe beside the food. Anyway, they are whole foods such as fruits, non starchy vegetables, skim milk, non processed foods. If you do eat a food that is not a power food you track it, and count it out of your weekly extra points. 


I tried the Simply Filling three years ago, and I did not succeed. I need more structure, and therefore I am following Smart Points, which I like a lot. 


I hope I answered your questions. 

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Re: help with Weight Watchers Simply Filling please

yes, thank you! as before, I will not indulge much in simply filling. I am generally full with routine points. earn but never used my weekly extras nor my activity points. just stayed within the daily points.


I know some are not happy with the changes, but I embrace the change. I cannot go to the meetings right now and find I do fine on my own (although I miss our great group and leader!).


nothing but nothing goes into my mouth without writing it down. Never did the online tools, nor digital tracking: pen and paper easy-peasy.


while I understand some not happy, not into the negativity some are expressing. this program works for me and I am grateful for it. and for support from other WW participants.





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Re: help with Weight Watchers Simply Filling please

I have done WW, but sorry I cannot help with simply filling.  I have not tried it.  Frankly, if I were able to rely on my internal cues reliably and whatnot I don't think I would be overweight in the first place...