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When I lie down at night, my feet hurt, there's stiffness and needle-like pain.  I take BP meds and have taken Tamoxifen 13 years ago.  Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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@Mom in NY 


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Ask your doctor or pharmacist.

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Could be venous insufficiency.  Fairly common as we age.

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My first thought was neuropathy also.  I am not a doctor. 


Does it last for a long time?  or is it of short duration?


Sometimes when I lie down my feet feel hot, but I don't notice it during the day. 

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@lolakimono wrote:

@Mom in NY 


I have it once in a while, it feels like tiny pin pricks . A friend has it and was told to get CDC, or what ever the liquid derived from weed they salel now.But he thought it was too expensive at $10.00 a small bottle. But you only put a drop under your tongue. This was his DRs suggestion. Ask your Dr. I do know it's annoying.

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@Mom in NY 


I'll go with the phrase: "doctor knows best", because I am one that does not like to speculate, especially on things that could be a serious issue.





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I was going to make a joke about "I sleep with a pain in the ass in bed", but I guess I'd better not....tee hee! Woman Wink

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@Mom in NY 

Pins and needles, needle-like, pin prickly pain are the most common examples of how people describe neuropathy pain.   In advanced cases like my husband, he now describes his neuropathy as burning, stabbing pain.   His has progressed to peripheral artery disease.   


This is certainly something to discuss with your doctor, as it is very important to address neuropathy early on before the nerve damage becomes severe.   


I have learned to remove my socks and shoes several hours before bedtime, and wear a thong sandal to relax my feet, or I will experience cramping and drawing after I get in bed.  If this happens, it will take about an hour of foot exercises; bending and flexing my toes, circle movements with my feet, etc., to relax them so I can sleep.  


Best wishes to you for an easy fix!

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Have you recently started taking statins? I would get foot pain from them, took several different types before the Dr found one without the pain side effects.