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Good luck on your surgery. I did the same thing (didn't fall on ice, but while out hiking to see snow tripped and my foot got stuck) last year. I had surgery and had pins and a plate put in. No fun. Hopefully you don't need a cast and just have a brace that you can removed and exercise the wrist. 

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@gloriajean wrote:

broke my wrist - will have surgery thurs. aft. sure is hard typing with one hand. will have a plate and screws put in. prayers will be appreciated.

Oh that is too bad.I will pray that your surgery is a complete success and you are back here typing two handed in short order.Take care and don't forget to let us all know when you are home and recovering.We will want to hear how it all went.

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Ouch!  Never a good thing to fall, but a wrist injury(fracture in your case),can be a positive thing when it comes to falling on ice. Wrist injuries indicate to me you may have fell forward, which most of the time is the better way to fall, none of which are good.


Teaching beginners to ice skate I always tell them "you want to fall with your feet behind you, not in front of you". Sure, you may get hurt, but many are seriously hurt with "feet in front", because their head is the first thing to hit the surface. Plus, most of the time one cannot get any body part to help going backwards.


I can kinda relate to falling on ice quite well, but my falling is on the ice at the rink. But as a long time skater I know at some point I will fall, even the professional skaters fall. Did fall and fracture a rib at the restart of my skating. Then a broken nose along with a hairline fracture of my right wrist. No surgery, but did wear a splint for about 5 weeks.


Not minimizing your injury for sure, just rambling per usual for me. My story here is meant more as something kinda funny to me looking back about 18+ months ago, laughing at myself, so please understand. My humor is usually strange, my wife tells me that quite often.


@gloriajean  I sincerely wish you the best with your surgery and recovery. You care for everyone on these forums and I can see much of that being returned to you on this thread. You will be in my thoughts,





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Prayers for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.

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@gloriajean You've always been so kind over the years in here for positive and loving comments for people...... Of course I will keep you in my prayers.Heart

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Oh no!  Gloria I am so sorry! 

Did you break your right or left wrist?  Is the hand you write with?  I will keep you in my prayers as you undergo surgery and then as you recover.  I pray you will have a speedy recovery.  I think of you and your family often and wish you nothing but the very best each and every day.  Go2girl.


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Prayers for you,  relief from your stress and a easy recovery.  You will be brand new.  In 6 weeks it will just all be a past thought. 

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@gloriajean I am so sorry for your injury.  Will definitely send up prayers for successful surgery and quick healing.  🌷

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Gloria, am so sorry to hear this. I’m sure you will be out and about before you know it. 

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So sorry this happened.  Sending good wishes to you for speedy healing and quick recovery.



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