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another chapter in the wagirl saga

Hi all!!! It's been awhile since I checked in. Happy 4th to you all although I know most of you are sweltering and without power. I am so sorry for that. WA state is sunny today but still cool and wet. I know, I know.....don't b(it)ch about that!!!

So I just went in for my 2nd round of chemo on this past Monday. The first round went pretty good---very minimal side effects. My dr was impressed but I remain cautious. Last night I pulled out a few strands of my hair and the OTHER hair is coming out too. The good thing is I won't have to shave my underarms or legs!!! But I'm very sad to see my hair go and I know it will grow back but still..... I do have eyelashes and brows coming...I shall not go naked during all this. I am vain to that point.

Only 2 more rounds to go----

I'll keep you posted!!