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what is a good over the counter pill for allergies

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Claritin or zrytec

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We use Claritin-D, but since it has a decongestant in it, it's now behind the counter.

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Zyrtec is non habit forming and well liked by a lot of people.


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Costco’s generic version of Zyrtec.  

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I take Loratadine which is generic Claritin every day.  Get it at Sam's.  When things get really bad as they have been lately with the horrible privet hedge blooming, I add Phenylephrine HCL that I order from Amazon.

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Zyrtec is a little pricey, so good to know Costco has a generic.  I've seen a generic at Walgreens too.  

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I’ve been using Allegra. Some years I switch to Zyrtec. If you have hypertension, avoid any product that’s a decongestant. My PCP says it raises blood pressure.

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I take the generic Claritin (Loratadine) that I buy from Target. I have found, let me preface by saying for me, that Claritin does not work as well as Zyrtec did. Zyrtec does not mix well with my medication. Feel good.

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