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I really like Zumba and see a difference from the waist up, but no difference in my pants. Who is getting lower body results and what are you doing that I may be missing?

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In my experience, no exercise routine can guarantee specific spot reduction. I've been going to aerobics classes, which now include some Zumba classes, for over 30 years. I think my body is tighter, and my hips are more narrow compared to my above-the-waist area, but that may be the result of aging rather than exercise. I'd say just keep at it and be sure that what you eat is as important as your exercise. Years ago I tore my Achilles tendon and couldn't exercise but I followed my Weight Watchers diet. The good news and the bad news was that without any exercise, but with a good diet, I lost weight. The reverse has never been true.
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While I like doing zumba at water aerobics - and it has helped me to become much more limber - if you want spot reduction , the best thing is to use weights or resistance machines that target the areas you are interested in. or, if you really are enjoying zumba - try some light ankle weights while you are doing your routine.

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Thanks for the responses!

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autumnfaire what Zumba program are you doing? Are you in a health club or DVDs at home? I have had amazing total body results doing the 2008 Cardio Party Zumba DVD. I'm sure eating right had a lot to do with it, but I have gotten results in all areas.

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Hi Autumn & Ladies,

I have to say that this thread is kicking me in the pants (so-to-speak!) to get back to going to a weekly (at least!) Zumba class. I did it with a friend for a while and we both really enjoyed it. Don't know how many results we saw, but it was so good for our mental health!{#emotions_dlg.thumbup1}