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Does anyone have any experience with using Zoloft for hot flashes?  I can't use HRT for hot flases due to breast cancer in my family, Dr.  has prescribed 50mg of Zoloft.  Just wondering if anyone has gone this route?

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Re: Zoloft for hot flashes?

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I've heard of Paxil being used for hot flashes but not Zoloft. I guess they would be similar enough. Isn't there a new drug for hot flashes that is not estrogen?


Edit: was curious so I looked. It's Brisdelle which is just a rebranded or marketed version of Paxil. 

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A friend of mine used Zoloft for hot flashes and she said it worked great for her. 

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I put up with chills and hot flashes for years.  Then, after I became post-meno, the hot flashes and anxiety became unbearable.  I didn't want hormone replacement, for various reasons.  So my doctor put me on 10 mg of Prozac.  


Within 5 days my hot flashes had diminished by about 90%, and so had the anxiety that always preceded them.


He did up my dose a few weeks later, to 20 mgs.  But, I didn't like the way I felt on it, even though it is considered a minimal dose.  I'm medication sensitive.  So, I went back to 10 mg and did fine.



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I went on HRT for two months and was positively miserable, so shelved that idea. I read an article that pycnogenol, taken from the bark of the French Maritime Pine tree was effective, so I started taking that. All I can say is it was miraculous, it completely eliminated hot flashes and night sweats and it is 100% natural. Several girlfriends have tried it with similar results. I always opt for natural whenever possible as I don't like the other side effects associated with drugs like Paxil and Zoloft.


Here is one of many articles you can google about pycnogenol and hot flashes:


Pycnogenol and Hot Flashes

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If you want to try  and go the holistic route first (which is recommended), evening primrose oil is an all-natural supplement that works well for hot flashes and/or night sweats.


The standard dosage is 500 mg. three times a day, giving you a total of 1,500 mg. daily

I use it myself, and EPO has bonus  benefits:  better skin, hair, & nails.  8) 


Check out the great reviews (& prices) at Amazon.

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I don't really understand how an antidepressant would work for hot flashes since they are caused by rises and falls in hormones. I would love to get rid of mine though - I am 67 and still get them, and I am pretty much tired of it!

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A lady I used to work with took Paxil for severe PMS. She was able to get off of it after several years and claims it worked great. I had never heard of anything like this until she told me about it. 

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@151949 wrote:

I don't really understand how an antidepressant would work for hot flashes since they are caused by rises and falls in hormones. I would love to get rid of mine though - I am 67 and still get them, and I am pretty much tired of it!

I don't fully understand either.  But, I worked with both my gyn. and my endocrinologist, and both suggested the Prozac.  I leave it up to them to understand, lol.  Any hormonal disruption causes disruptions in the whole body, and affects the neurotransmitters.  I'm sure that's how anti-d's play into the equation.


What I do know is that 10 mg of Prozac, which is lower than the typical starting dose, gave me my quality of life back.  I now get 2 or 3 mild hot flashes a week, instead of the rollercoaster I was on.  And the anxiety is gone.  Before a hot flash, I would get hit with a wave of intense anxiety.  I would deal with this all day long.  It's ALL gone!  


And, on 10 mg, I have no side effects.  

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The only thing that really stopped hot flashes for me was using bioidentical hormones.  I tried a few holistic things, but they never helped.  I realize you cannot go that route, but for me, it was the ONLY thing that helped.


Recently, I stopped using hormones, and the hot flashes returned.


However, one of the things my GYN suggested for hot flashes was Venlafaxine.  While it helped a bit, I felt loopy and noted that I was having inner chills. 


Most antidepressants have side affects that make them almost not worth taking, but if you are really miserable, it's an option.  The only one I've used that didn't was Wellbutrin, but I don't think it helped with hot flashes.


Right now, it's winter and very cold, so I just step outside when I get too hotWoman LOL


I'm hoping that at 65, I'm almost at the end of the hot flash issue.  They have subsided somewhat, so now, I just get a flushed feeling rather than feeling like I'm on fire.