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Zinc poisoning from denture cream????

I was speaking to a relative, she had breast cancer maybe 8 years ago, had a mastectomy, ever since then she says she is disabled. She has no health insurance. She is always asking me about other relatives who have passed away and if there is any "money coming in" from anywhere, as she is not doing well financially. I hadn't heard from her in awhile. I asked her how she was feeling. She said she had neuropathy in her feet (which I knew about--she attributes to chemo from years ago) and now it's in her arms/hands very bad. She said she really needs bloodwork done but has no insurance. I figured she meant for followups for cancer. (I thought maybe I need to send her $$ for some testing--not that I can really do it, but if she really needs it I suppose I can) She said "no--I need a zinc test---I am sure I have zinc poisoning!" I asked her what this was about. She said "well--I used SO much of that denture stuff for so long--and now my neuropathy is so bad and I have all the symptoms of zinc poisoning!"

WHAT??? What the heck??? I have never heard of this! Now--this will all make sense if someone will tell me that in other states (I have not seen this here in NY--she lives in the south) lawyers are advertising that denture creams cause zinc poisoning & you can sue for damages. I just cannot imagine she could think this up on her own! Any clues what this is??? Are my suspicions correct?????