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@Nightowlz Good question!  I've been taking zinc with elderberry as well as Vitamin D3, Vitamin K & Vitamin C.  I would love to hear other opinions.



Bingo. You got it right. LOL!!! I also take d3, mk7 & c. I have some elderberry lozenges with zinc in them.

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 A doctor on the news says If you take 50mg of Zinc per day, you will increase your tissue levels of zinc which will help inhibit viruses like coronavirus. He also said to take a good Nutraceutical-grade vitamins from your doctor not from the drugstore.

I wonder if Andrew Lessman Essential 1 is considered Nutraceutical-grade.

At any rate zinc can be upsetting to the stomach so take with food. Probably cutting in half would help too.

I know it makes me have a queasy stomach since I use lozenges with zinc if I have a sore throat.


Hmmm... the FDA recommends no more than 40mg of zinc a day for an adult and less for children.


Can zinc be harmful?

Yes, if you get too much. Signs of too much zinc include nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, stomach cramps, diarrhea, and headaches. When people take too much zinc for a long time, they sometimes have problems such as low copper levels, lower immunity, and low levels of HDL cholesterol  (the “good” cholesterol).


The daily upper limits for zinc are listed below. These levels do not apply to people who are taking zinc for medical reasons under the care of a doctor:

Life Stage Upper Limit

Birth to 6 months4 mg
Infants 7–12 months5 mg
Children 1–3 years7 mg
Children 4–8 years12 mg
Children 9–13 years23 mg
Teens 14–18 years34 mg
Adults40 mg



@Alison Wonderland 


I already know that but this would only be taking extra zinc with the cornonavirus around. I don't intend on taking that amount forever.  I doubt I can take 50 mg per day. I had upset stomach from eating 4-6 lozenges with 2 mg zinc per day when I had a sore throat. I get 15 mg per day with Andrew's products I take.

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@Nightowlz "TV docs" have no credence as far as I am concerned.


I also DO NOT take health "advice" from anyone but my PCP and my oncologist.


People who rely on this stuff for "medical advice"  are not being very smart about their health.


Things you think might be good for you can actually have the reverse effect unless you discuss it with your medical provider.


I don't pay attention to or watch Lessman or any other salesman of these things.


I get my medical advice from professionals who KNOW me and my history.





He's not a TV Doc. He's a real doctor that was on our local news.

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Here we go.🙄

Like the comment "good" vitamins from your doctor.

Doctors do not sell vitamins.

Vitamins are not a replacement for healthy nutrition.  


To get your immune system strong & create a

healthier gut microbiome, eat lots of plants!

Fruit, vegetables, starches, nuts, seeds.


Stay away from animal-based foods which do not have

antioxidants, cause inflammation & harm your gut microbiome.


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Re: Zinc Gluconate

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Zinc is something I take regularly and I take an extra lozenge or two when I go to a crowded place with lots of people. I also swab my nostrils with zinc swabs on those days also. I've known about zinc's benefits for a long time.



The doctor also mentioned zinc swabs. They used to make Zicam swabs but stopped. People lost sense of smell from using zinc in the nose. I have never tried it & won't. 





Zicam still makes the swabs. I get them at Walmart. Never had any problems with them. I only use them ocassionally.

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 My alergist suggested Saline nasal spray for pollen, smoke, etc. perhaps it might help deter a virus. I use it in the winter as a nasal moisturizer.

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@hckynut wrote:



"A doctor on tv"!  Not exactly the one on which I would, or do rely.








He's not a TV doctor. He's a real doctor that was on our local news.



@Nightowlz ,


Exactly. He was on tv, and I assume he was not your doctor. To me there is a huge difference. My doctor knows my full medical history. A real doctor on tv does not. Same difference to me if he is an actor playing a doctor or a real doctor. Neither is in a position to tell me what is good for me.




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@hckynut LOVE your post and agree 1,000% !!

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I started taking Elderberry whenever my husband would come home with a cold and I didn't catch it from him even with him coughing in my face at night.  He gives no warning and doesn't even try to turn his head.  Worked great for me.  However, I just went on a ski trip and started taking it before and during my trip, but the morning of my flight back home I started feeling a cold coming on and it got worse throughout the day.  Now I have a full-on cold (and a bum leg from falling).  So, who knows.


I didn't like the zinc.  The lozenges left an awful taste in my mouth and the nasal swabs stung.  

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