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Re: Your Favorite "Quack" Cream

And also if you do take NSAIDS then you cannot also use Voltaren cream, only one or the other. 

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Re: Your Favorite "Quack" Cream

@Shelbelle wrote:

We use STOPAIN roll on !!

It's STOPAIN roll on for me, too.  When my husband first brought this home, I laughed because the name sounded so dumb.  But after trying it on my arthritic joints, I swallowed my words. This stuff really works.  Aspercreme was my go to before STOPAIN.

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Re: Your Favorite "Quack" Cream

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@SilleeMee wrote:

I'm plagued with episodes of cold sores. That DMSO cream has been a godsend for me. It's almost a cure but not quite. The DMSO sinks into the skin, as it should, and it stops the virus from replicating. It's basically an anti-viral and it works like nothing else I've ever tried. I've read some stuff on the internet about people ingesting it (not the cream but a liquid) as a 'prevention' against covid. I don't recommend that but it's what I've read.





No way would I drink it. 

It was the site that said it worked in combination with zinc iodide.

I was leery of using it after I read when you use it  anything with it will go internally with it's penetrating abilities?

There are lots of ingredients I would not want to add to that. It sounds kind of scary.

They have used it on horses for years.

Only approved for use on humans for interstitial cystitis.

I never heard about it until I had Shingles. I was looking for something for pain relief. By the time I ran across this I was finally getting over it. I wonder if it would have helped the excruciating pain I was in?

I bought the book DMSO Nature's Healer by Dr. Morton Walker but have only skimmed through it.