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This may have been posted before and if so, sorry!


My question is --- what do you do with your COVID Vaccine Card?


I am afraid that I will lose it or misplace it!


I recently went for a medical visit and did not bring it with me.  Just didn't think about it and they said --- well, you should be carrying this with you all the time!


My thought was --- suppose I lose it if I drag it around with me all the time?  Or --- what if my purse gets stolen --- then --- no card?


SHOULD a person always carry it?  Or, just bring it when you have a medical appointment --- or what?  


Just wondering.......    Thanks! 

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@AngelPuppy1 ,

It's a good question because it does seem like they are encouraging people to hold onto this for dear life! Sheesh! One more thing to worry about it.

However, I'm not going to get anymore worried about it then if I lost my drivers license which I would hate to do.


My friend said they told her to take a picture of it on her phone (or however) and laminate it and keep a copy.

I keep it in my wallet.

And if you got it done at some county

vaccination site, did they send you an email that they have your record of vaccination? That is another proof.


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Just don't show it on line or in an email.  It has your birthday on it and they're telling people not to do this because someone can then assume your identity.

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I just don't understand why they didn't make this card small enough to easily fit into a wallet!!!! It's too big! 

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I have mine in my card holder along with my driver's license, credit cards, and Sam's card. 

I will trim the card before it's lamenated so hopefully it will fit with the rest.

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Mine easily fits in my wallet.  I wonder if they're different sizes in different counties or states.  I've got mine in my wallet.  Laminating it is a good idea.

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Re: Your COVID Vaccine Card

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@NickNack @AngelPuppy1 @OKPrincess 


i keep mine with my passport and don't carry it around


from USA Today


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I laminated mine and also took photos of it on my iPhone.

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Thank you for the information about not laminating it @yahooey .  I have a long zipper wallet, and the card does fit in it without bending.  It doesn't fit in the credit card slots, but it fits well otherwise.

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I am the ultimate in neurotic.


1.  I took a picture of it with my phone.


2.  I made a copy of the card and put the copy in the safe deposit box.


3.  I made another copy and have it at home in my binder of stuff I keep with stuff that my family would need if something happened to me.


4.  I keep the original in my wallet.


5.  I did NOT laminate it because there is another empty line on it and if we need a booster next year or whenever, they can enter the info for the booster on that line.  

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