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Would this bother you?

At Costco today, a woman was putting out samples of pieces of frozen yogurt bars.  When I walked up, she said "oh, this box is empty, I need to open another box."  She cut open the box with a rectangle-shaped cutter and I said,"You're not going to cut the food with that, are you?"  She said "Sure, it's just cardboard."  I told her I was immune compromised and could she please use another knife, which she used a table knife.  As I walked away, I saw her using the rectangle cutter to cut more samples.


Am I being silly to be concerned?  



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Re: Would this bother you?

@Seannie -

No, not silly at all!

That is so unsanitary. All the surfaces and hands those "just cardboard" boxes have touched.

That is just not common sense to cut the bars with the same knife.

If a health inspector came by, that would not have been acceptable.

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Re: Would this bother you?

I don't eat samples at places. 

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Re: Would this bother you?

That is awful

I was at a store giving samples of fudge and using the knife on peanut butter and the chocalote. I am allergic to peanuts and was told we only have one knife. I felt the whole incident was unnerving

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Re: Would this bother you? would concern me.  The other day I was at a bagel shop.  The guy making my bagel only had one plastic glove on...when he cut it in half he used the hand without a glove to hold it in place.... I told him...sorry I can’t eat that and left.  

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Re: Would this bother you?

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If you didn't see her doing that, would you have taken the sample? 


Being immune compromised, you probably shouldn't be taking samples of food.  I'm sure there are a lot of things that go on that we don't see that might be questionable...

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Re: Would this bother you?

You were absolutely right to mention it.  Who knows where that box has been?  That is not sanitary at all.

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Re: Would this bother you?

You probably should have reported the situation to management.  My guess is she isn't following proper protocol  for serving food to the public.  A box cutter isn't intended to cut and serve food with.  They are used to open all sorts of boxes which could have been contaminated by bugs, critters etc.  I would still call Costco tomorrow and report it.  Someone could get very ill from improper handling of food samples.  It seems like a small thing, but in my opinion you could be doing a great service to others sampling foods this women is preparing.

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Re: Would this bother you?

Even at home we wash a knife after cutting anything, including cardboard.

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Re: Would this bother you?

@Seannie  I would do the same thing! It’s no telling where the boxes were and who handled them!

   I’m not certain with a compromised immune system that you should eat samples. 

   I was at a grocery store today and kids were touching samples,taking one then putting it back. 

   A man was mixing fruit with something and cutting it then putting the utensils on the tray.

   I didn’t eat anything!