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Re: Why? New England Patriots

On 1/29/2015 stevieb said:

It really is too bad the NFL dragged this fiasco out as they have, thereby casting a pall over the weeks leading up to the game that really didn't need to be there... There's too much hype over the Superbowl as it is, but this was just so unnecessary...

Cynics would say the NFL created the fiasco to draw attention to the Super Bowl - as if it needed more attention. Notice the league's done nothing to sanction the Pats, and probably won't do anything, least not before the game. All they've done is finger an anonymous low-level clubhouse attendant.

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Re: Why? New England Patriots

There was a very believable explanation for that. Does'nt anyone follow up on things. People are so quick to judge with no facts. Shame on you! You just end up looking like fools.

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Re: Why? New England Patriots

The Pats will not be fined because they didn't do it....and, there was no impact on the game....To be fair, they can discount the first quarter which would mean a score of 27-0...the Colts did better with the deflated balls....go Pats!
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Re: Why? New England Patriots

As reported on ESPN and Fox sports the locker room attendant who brought out the balls stopped for the Pats stopped for aprox 90 seconds in the bathroom. He then took the balls out to the team. This is on a video.

I don't believe anything will be done with the cheaters. The NFL commissioner & Robert Kraft are very close friends. I'm finding the commissioner picks & choses how & if a player, coach or team is punished. He needs to go. They NFL needs a commissioner who can dish out punishment equally for offenses.