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@CherryHugs wrote:

Does anyone have this too?!!  Everytime I have an appointment I feel a little nervous and my blood pressure is usually up!

I have no idea why this happens. I dont always feel really nervous although at times I do feel jittery depending on what appointment I have!!


Always tell them at the beginning it will be high and ask for them to retake it after your appointment just before you leave.  I'm ok now that I am used to most of my practitioners that I have been seeing for years, but when I have to go somewhere new my BP skyrockets so I tell them to retake it after we are done.

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@Shelbelle wrote:

Yes, I have it big time, I never allow anyone to take my BP except for my internist, no one!!





Not even you?  Check mine several times a day, especially when I have my heart rate, high up there, during my workouts. Not on BP meds anymore, so now I get "true readings".


BP meds kept my HR from elevating to my past, pre-heart attacks level. Had to a do lot of monitoring on the meds to figure out the changes from my "pre-attack" lows/aerobic and anaerobic BPM.


Mine usually runs about 90/60 when resting, off the meds. Really glad to get off it, makes my working out life much easier to know what my 💓 is doing.





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My husband has it. His BP is always up at the doctor's office. The doctor wants him to take his BP at home, also.

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I get around the “ white coat “ syndrome:  I take my blood pressure at home in AM and PM for several days before my appt.  then give the readings to her.

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I suspect that I have it, even if they aren't wearing a wearing coat.  It never fails, I take my bp at home and it's normal, at the doctor office, it's up.  

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I have this too and it causes some doctors to be alarmed. Just about every doctor or specialist takes my blood pressure as part of the check in process. I was at the dentist and my blood pressure was 155/84 and she refused to treat me. I had to go back to my internist and get a note stating I have White Coat Syndrome. A trick that works for me is to rest my hand on the shoulder of the person taking my blood pressure. The nurse had me do this and it really worked. My blood pressure was 15 points lower. I take my blood pressure at home and I still freak out at the sight of the machine. My internist said he is not worried about the top number since that is an indicator of what is going on at the moment. If the bottom number is high, that is a different story. He also shared with me a story about race car drivers. He said a study was done and they found most drivers had blood pressure well over 200 right before the race. That made me feel a little bit better since I was really getting scared about this White Coat Syndrome. 

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I’ve had it for years. I tell all my doctors and I do monitor at home, but I still hated seeing those high numbers in the office.  When they started creeping up some at home too, I finally asked to go on BP medicines. I’m getting to the age where I have a lot of routine procedures scheduled (colonoscopy, cataracts, etc), and I don’t want to have to explain about my BP every time I have a test or an appt. With the meds, my home numbers are excellent, and they’re only slightly elevated, or even normal, at the doctor’s.  I just got tired of worrying about it all the time (which certainly didn’t help either).  Everyone has to do what works for them. 

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Re: White Coat Syndrome

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Yes, I have an appointment in the morning, and I'm already worried about being late. I worry anyway about dr appointments, but its even worse if its early. Why I made it that early, I have no idea.

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I read something today that I might try. It says drinking as little water the night before and morning or day of will help your BP reading!! Sure is worth a try!


I get nervous when going to the Dentist for a checkup and cleaning, eye doctor for an eye exam, gyno, dermatologist, orthopedic. Does NOT matter who it is or if they have a white coat or not!  lol.

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Geez---so do I --don't know why-- I am usually very calm about such things but in the last few years, my BP spikes whenever those words are uttered. I bought a blood pressure meter so I check at home often. and its nearly always normal.