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Re: What really works for SLEEP???

I’m 63, and have experienced sleep issues only twice thus far.    The first experience was related to 16 years on night shift, and led to me changing departments, and resetting my sleep pattern.  


The second experience came a few weeks into recovery after my first knee replacement.   It drove me nuts for several weeks, then just went away.   I did not experience this issue after my second knee replacement.   


The key for me is a cool, dark bedroom, a ceiling fan, no TV, no ticking clock, no LED glow from a clock radio, no phone, and an established bedtime.  My body knows exactly what to do as soon as I climb into my bed, and I don’t need sleep aids.




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Re: What really works for SLEEP???

Exercise! Get outside and get moving!

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Re: What really works for SLEEP???

No food/liquids a couple hours before bed.  If you've been using a computer, tablet, tv before bed, stop an hour before bed.  

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Re: What really works for SLEEP???

I recently saw someone recommend Good Day Chocolate Sleep for Adults. Besides melatonin it contains a form of chamomile they claim also helps with sleep.


Several places sell it. I found a detailed description on the Lucky Vitamin website.


I have never tried this myself. I doubt if it would work for me because I am allergic to topical chamomile. 



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Re: What really works for SLEEP???

I used to never have any trouble sleeping.  Then menopause hit.  I could deal with the hot flashes and occasional night sweats, but the lack of sleep was killing me.  I go to sleep easily, but wake up in the middle of the night and couldn't get back to sleep because I couldn't get comfortable.  I'm currently on hormones which work great, but I dread the day I have to go off of them.  


For years I have been using white noise when I go to bed.  I have an alarm clock that has several different white noise settings, but I prefer the sea waves sound.


I don't see how anybody could sleep to QVC.  I'm always having to turn it down with all the loud laughing and screeching, and that's when I'm not even trying to sleep.



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Re: What really works for SLEEP???

Don't nap during the day.  Fight it, then go to bed at your regular time.  It might take a few days to reset your clock, but don't give in to naps.  Get up and do something...exercise is keep you awake until bedtime.  

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Re: What really works for SLEEP???

A calcium/magnesium supplement. I use Andrew Lessman's. If you read up on this supplement it will explain the benefits. Works naturally.

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Re: What really works for SLEEP???

as someone who has suffered with insomnia for several years...the best place for advice for any sleep issues...your physician.  I do realize its nice to get helpful hints from others to see if they might work for you before you seek the help from a physician.  I have done that also, but the best advice is a physician.  They know YOU .  We don't.  And everyone is different and what works for one may not work for others and can lead to more frustrations.  Which does not help .  Best of luck for you!!!

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Re: What really works for SLEEP???

Try 400 to 500mg. of Magnesium.... Nature Made, Natures Bounty, Sundown Naturals, all good brands. No need to buy expensive supplements. Works wonders for me. Hope you get some sleep. Sweet Dreams. Hugs

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Re: What really works for SLEEP???

2 things:  

1)  Read this book.  It is not dry at all and is a very quick read.  I've actually read it more than once.  I got mine at the library, so there was no cost to me.  I follow as many of his strategies as I can, and it has helped tremendously.  My sleep isn't perfect, but it's much better than it used to be.

2)  Like the previous poster suggested, you might consider magnesium.  Blood tests are not an efficient way to test if you are low on it or not.  (Google magnesium and read about it...very interesting.)  I use Sundown Naturals as Consumer Lab recommends it to have in it what it says, and it was the least expensive brand.  Very inexpensive as it is magnesium oxide.  There are different forms of magnesium and all have different effects.  I am using magnesium oxide to see if it will diminish ocular migraines.  I discovered that this form (oxide) helps my sleep!  I slept 7 hours last night without waking up once.  I've tried magnesium citrate before, and the oxide seems to work just as well without the citrate's laxative effect.  Anyway, make sure you check the drug interaction "calculator" on to see if it will interact with any medications you are currently taking or consult your doctor.  I take one 500mg tablet with my evening meal as you are supposed to take it with food and separately from calcium, which I take with breakfast.

Good luck!