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Re: What are you doing to age gracefully?

I am so impressed with what everyone is doing to age well.  I do have to try harder, I know.


Just to add on a topic one poster elaborated on.  It’s important to stay connected with the world around us.  Interest and curiosity keeps us young and learning.  What are you passionate about?  Is there a cause you are devoted to?  

Do you spend time reading and reflecting on spiritual beliefs?

I don’t pretend to be a great mind by any means, but those old people I have so much admired seemed to have those qualities.  Again, something I have to work harder at. Right now snuggling with kitty.  Research says that having a pet is very healthy. 

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Re: What are you doing to age gracefully?

We try to get out most everyday to run an errand and eat. We park away from where we are going so we have to walk more.


I take care of my skin but I don’t wear as much make up as before. I no longer color my hair since I’ve been told ny grayish silver color is pretty.


We take care of our 4-year old great nephew overnight one or twice a month so that itself will keep you busy.  We are going to see LEGO movie tomorrow and then maybe to chick filet. I can already see I need a nap.

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Re: What are you doing to age gracefully?

Eat healthy.... exercise but not to extremes.... dress my age..... not worry about tomorrow but deal with each day as it comes.

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Re: What are you doing to age gracefully?

I try to live to the fullest, appreciate and be thankful for what I have that day--especially my loved ones.  You can fret and worry about aging, get obsessed with your looks, etc. but in reality so much of what happens is things you can't do anything about.


Attitude is everything to making life it's sweetest every day.  It isn't material and it sure isn't how you look that makes you truly happy to be alive. 

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Re: What are you doing to age gracefully?

@Nicksmom (I always enjoy your posts.) “To stay young you have to evolve & not judge.” 


Good point! I think it’s important to keep moving forward. When we judge and only see “our way or the highway” we get stuck. When we get stuck we stop growing, learning and appreciating life. Then we become old, judgmental and irritable. Children are open and excited and take everything in. Regardless of our age it’s important to keep growing and learning. I think then we continue to appreciate and enjoy life and enjoy change and growth. I don’t mean by sacrificing our thoughts or beliefs but being open to listen and understand. And using the wisdom we have gained over the years I think we gain even more knowledge and understanding. And I think that wisdom tells us we can still learn a great deal. It’s my hope to continue to evolve, move forward, take it all in, enjoy and appreciate my life. I am greatful as I get to spend a great deal of time with my grandchildren, they teach me far more than I could ever teach them!

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Re: What are you doing to age gracefully?

  • @Happycat01 wrote:

    Honestly, not enough. And I am finding, the older I am, when I let myself go, its harder and harder to get back on course and get where I want to be. I know I would feel better if I lost some weight.

    I talked to a friend yesterday who was about where I am now, when she lost 40 lbs. She looks amazing.


    You are living your life, not letting yourself go.  Please do not feed into a made-up expression to put women down in our society.  Have you ever heard a man be labelled this way?
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Re: What are you doing to age gracefully?

I am meticulous about my hair and wear less and less makeup as I approach my 66th birthday. I find that eating right is now more important than it ever was and in order to get around it is mandatory for me now.


I still love dressing up and I find it is a mood enhancer. I even dress fairly nicely in the house because it affects how I feel...

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Re: What are you doing to age gracefully?

I have not changed how I live daily.  I am an early riser and workout for at least 2 hours daily with weight/strength training, Zumba and different types of workouts.  I have always worked out every day and will continue to do so.  Even when I broke my ankle and had knee surgery  I still did strength training daily and showered and did my makeup.  If I didn't I know I would become lazy and sluggish and feel lousy all the time and I want to feel good every day and not just some days!  

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Re: What are you doing to age gracefully?

Accept your age.

Accept who you are.

Do not try to appear younger by wearing clothing and styles that are not right for your figure, or personality.

Do not wear make-up that you wore 20 years ago, less is more.

Eat healthy.

Exercise but realize your limits. As we age we can not always do the exercises we used to do because of health issues, but do not let that stop you from exercises that you can do.

Do not become a couch potato.

Do not convince yourself you are too old to try and learn new things.

Go out and really see the world around you and smile with gratitude.

You reached this age and be proud and comfortable in your own skin. You are special because you are you.


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Re: What are you doing to age gracefully?

@indoor kitty wrote:

I eat healthy and try to look as good as I can. I take good care of my skin and keep my hair colored ( just a personal choice ) more important , I keep up with current events, new music and books. As long as you stay curious and keep your mind open I think that is important as anything else.

Excellent points!