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@dex wrote:

@Q4u I have to take antibiotics for dental procedures and I have a lot of them.After a couple of years I started experiencing stomach distress...diarrhea,gas all of the nasty embarrassing things.I had to start  taking probiotics digestive enzymes and eat yoghurt,real sauerkraut and kimchi.This finally cleared up the problem but I am back at the dentist.I worry that I am doing damage to my digestive system with the antbiotics.

If you're able to, make yogurt a staple in your diet.  Doesn't have to be a lot, a little tub once a day and you may get through your procedures without a problem because the cultures won't let the good bacteria die off (that's when the digestive trouble begins) while you're taking the antibiotics....     hopefully.....

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@Q4u yes I love yoghurt and eat it daily but that just wasn't enough to combat those nasty antibiotics.I never realized how much damage we can do with overuse but I have a heart condition that requires me to take them and unfortunately weak enamel and bad gums.