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Wet macular degeneration 2nd extraction shot.

I received my 2nd shot on 2/15w/no improvement. DR sets tues and fri for shots only. Everyone there were 70 to 90 yr. I talked w/lady and it was her 5th shot. She already went blind in one eye. She said I didn't look old enough to be getting these shots. I am not yet 60 yr yet.

I did find an excellent website in Dr Perricone's book (Forever Young). In the back of his book I seen CAN-C Carnosine Eye Drops...ISA( International Aging Systems) Group,

Lots of info on all eye diseases. They have a product called melatonin ZN-Se especially for wet and dry mac. I just ordered it today. I will keep you posted on how this product is working.

I am so afraid that these shots are doing more harm then good. They don't seem to bother the older people. I am in pain all night and have to keep my eyes open or the pain is like gravel in my eyes when I shut them. Pain finally goes away after 12 hrs.

This website I mentioned above has tons of very informative information, not just on wet mac but all eye diseases. I was so happy to find this website in perricone's book.

I do believe everyone needs to be proactive when it comes to our health.

Doctors charge $1,000 per shot. That would be $2,000 for me. I am sure they don't want to recomend a natural remedy for this disease.

Oh, I also read that wet mac can be treated with laser phoyocoagulation to help stabilize the vision, to limit the growth of further abnormal blood vessels. I just now read this. Goodbye ladies, I am calling my eye DR right now.

God bless everyone.