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Re: Welcome to the November Exercise Thread

Hey all, it started off sunny but clouds rolled in soon.  The road is still all iced melting here so stays the same.  I did the treadmill this morning...and some weights.  Then had lunch with 3 other ladies...They all know each other better than I did so I felt a bit awkward as they talk about things I have no clue about but oh well..


Making my dad his BD cake tomorrow.  He turns 88 on Wednesday so will go over after dinner to have cake with him.  Very blessed to have him in pretty good health and active still.  He walked 2 miles this afternoon bless his heart!


Patty sounds like a busy time coming up for you all, hoping and praying everyone stays healthy and you enjoy all the blessings you have.   Im glad you know how much we've missed you....


Nomless I think after Thanksgiving a lot of us have to get back on track to a regular schedule


Cater you are so kind, wishing you and yours a very Blessed Christmas....


Skylark are you out and about.  Any Cyber shopping?


Well hubby is home so dinner time...Enjoy your evening...Be Well, Be Blessed, and Be Thankful Smiley Happy