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Week Thirteen of the NFL Regular Season!!!

This week starts with a battle of the floundering birds as the Eagles go to Seattle to take on the Seahawks on Thursday night. This should be an easy win for the Eagles if, and this is a huge if, they play up to their potential. Look for Jason Babin to have a big game for the Eagles. He was traded to the Seahawks a few years back and then treated rather badly while there, so he's breathing fire this week. He wants to show them what they're missing.

The first Sunday game is Tennessee at Buffalo. Tennessee is looking pretty good right now and I think I'll give them the edge over Buffalo. Playing at home is a bit of a help for Buffalo, but the Titans are playing pretty good footbal right now and the Bills are in a bit of a tailspin.

Kansas City goes to Chicago. This should be a pretty easy win for Chicago. Any team heading to Chicago at this point of the season might as well be playing on ice as the turf in Soldlier Field just becomes unplayable. The Bears are used to it and no one else is, so it gives the Bears a significant home field advantage.

Atlanta goes to Houston. Houston has a problem. Their first and second string quarterbacks are down and out and now they're relying on a fifth round rookie to lead the team. I just can't see a way Houston wins this game. Atlanta will score points and I can't say that about Houston. This game has the potential to be a rout.

Oakland goes to Miami. Miami is now a scary team. They've beaten Washington and Buffalo and almost beat Dallas in their last three games. West coast teams traveling east typically have a hard time, but I have to give a slight edge to Oakland in this game. It wouldn't surprise me at all though to see Miami win.

Denver goes to Minnesota. Unless or until Tim Tebow loses a game, I'm picking Denver every week. They aren't winning pretty and he doesn't look like a very good quarterback, but he's willing that team to victories and until his will falters I'm picking Denver each week.

Indianapolis goes to New England. On paper this looks like a huge mismatch. I don't think it will be a rout though. I think the veteran Colt players will want to show the league that they're still there and just playing dead this year. I don't think Indy will win, but I think this will be a competitive game. I think the Colts will build on the confidence they gain in a close game with New England and win one or two of their final games. I don't see them going 0-16. The veteran Colt players want Andrew Luck and they've got a couple of game margin now in getting him, so it's time to dust off the pads and play Colt football again.

Cincinnati goes to Pittsburgh. This game will tell us a lot about both teams. The Bengals lost thier earlier game to the Steelers and should be looking for vengeance, but I don't think they'll have enough firepower. I'm giving the edge to Pittsburgh, but these rivalry games can be tricky.

Carolina goes to Tampa Bay. I've got to give the edge to Tampa Bay.

The Jets go to Washington. The Redskins did pull out a win last week agaist Seattle, but I think that streak will end against the Jets. This game could get pretty one-sided.

Baltimore goes to Cleveland. Baltimore's won two in a row against tough rivals which is a bad sign for them. They seem to have a let down game after big victories. The Browns aren't a bad team now. I've got to give the edge to Baltimore, but it wouldn't shock me to see them lose. The Browns have been playing close games and one play in a close game can flip the score.

Dallas goes to Arizona. As much as I'd like to see Dallas lose this game, I just don't see it happening. The Cardinals could beat the Cowboys but I think this will be a pretty easy win for the Cowboys instead. I think the Cowboys wil have trouble over the following three weeks, but this week I've got them down for a win.

Green Bay goes to New York to play the Giants. This is bad news for the Giants. Their coaching staff is putting together film clips of their good plays to remind the players of what they can do. As a general rule when the coaching staff feels like they have to remind the players of how good they can be, the team is gone. Most football players have confidence oozing out of their every pore. Apparently the coaching staff thinks the Giants don't and is trying to instill that confidence back in them. I think whatever confidence Tom Coughlin is able to push back in, Aaron Rodgers and the Packers will take back out. This game has the potential to be more one-sided than the New Orleans game for the Giants. I expect Green Bay to win big.

Saint Louis goes to San Francisco. I expect San Francisco to win this one pretty easily. I'm not sure what's happened in Saint Louis, but apparently the coaching staff is on their way out and teams don't generally play well for a dead coaching staff.

Detroit goes to New Orleans for the Sunday night game and I think we'll see Drew Brees dissect Detroit pretty easily. I expect this to be a pretty easy win for New Orleans.

And the Monday night game is San Diego at Jacksonville. (Whatever happened to that flex schedule giving us good primetime games?) Jacksonville fired Jack Del Rio and they've now got a new owner, but those aren't the kinds of things that typically make a team win. I think San Diego will win this one going away.

Fly!!! Eagles!!! Fly!!!